Zombie Terminator 1.0.5 For Android Apk Free Download

Zombie Terminator is a 2D action game in which, as expected, its objective is to annihilate all the zombies he encounters.

How to run the game is very simple: you can only move your character (which can be both a boy or a girl) to the right or to the left, and shoot. When more shoot better, because zombie consciously walking behind him during the entire mission.

Fortunately, there is a lot of different weapons in the game to help him destroy the enemy, such as machine guns, pistols, and shotguns, you can buy little by little gains with each mission.

Graphically, Zombie Terminator is a very simple game. However, do not need great graphics to be a true match entertainment.

Zombie Terminator is an action game and entertainment where you can spend hours and hours to kill zombies without getting bored.

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