aDownloader - torrent download 1.4.0 For Android Apk Free Download

The New aDownloader is a remarkable new version of Torrent client for Android that allows you to download any file from devices with Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets or, if and when you get a stable connection and high speed internet.

The New aDownloader is a native torrent (bittorrent) client-based P2P protocol that uses OpenSSL. In addition, the application works with the 'downloader' HTTP with the ability to stop and restart the download and the ability to download huge files through direct HTTP links.

One of the most interesting benefits of the application is that it is well optimized for use on tablets, from which you can download numerous files and manage them directly from its interface.

The New aDownloader is a good torrent client, whose previous version reached many millions of downloads. This, little by little, is finding its place in the territory of his older brother. And do it the same way: offering simplicity at all levels.

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