NET provides free WiFi in the Carnival of Salvador

Company of entertainment and communication services is also present with cabin for guests

NET is one of the official sponsors of the Salvador Carnival 2014. To celebrate the partnership , the company welcomes its guests in a cabin in Osmar Circuit (Campo Grande ) .

The space inspired in the bars brings a relaxed mood and full content for the Bahian party. The decor of the room was on account of Hugo Ramos of AgogĂ´ Promotional Marketing . The space is working since Saturday and open until tomorrow ( 4 ) , from 12am to midnight , one of the main corridors of the party, in front of the cabin of the prefecture .

The project also offers WiFi for guests . For the manager of NET in Salvador , Andrew Haji , the Salvador Carnival is undoubtedly one of the largest popular demonstrations in the state, and the company , which is part of the Bahian life , could not fail to participate in the revelry. "Our model of party is known throughout the world. Lot of people accompanying the Bahian Carnaval " he says.
connected Carnival

This year the company installed on all circuits revelry points of WiFi internet , as well as signaling the streets . The idea is to keep revelers connected and able to share all the joy that Salvador Carnival provides with the entire world .

As part of the partnership , the city of Salvador has signed an agreement with NET to offer broadband in more than 100 municipal schools . The academic year of 2014 began with the availability of 10 Mbps connection to serve 400 students of the Municipal School Anthony Eusebio , in the Cabula neighborhood.