Facebook to buy virtual reality headset company Oculus in 2$ billion deal

The company Okuls who play video games for VR and Virtual Realty is engaged in making handsets .

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said his company will go for $ 40 million in cash and the remainder in the form of Facebook shares . Mark said in a post on Facebook Virtual Realty One -time dream of science fiction , but like the Internet , smartphones and computers , too. Okls much that I can not wait to start working with the entire team and make a new world for all Kholun door .

Okls VR product is not pulled from the last half-year changes in the world of video gaming . But it has created several prototypes . She is the only part of the game , ie there is only one character .

Okls the only company which has managed to reach her .

About Okls Zuckerberg wrote that his mission is to experience the impossible . Opens the door to a whole new way to experience their tech . We will help the company so that it could present its product soon .