Windows Phone 8 presents problems of duplication of songs

Microsoft's own forum, some solutions have been listed, but the company has not yet ruled on the matter

Since the beginning of February , many fans of Windows Phone 8 are reporting a problem somewhat uncomfortable . What is the simple fact that some of the past for smartphones with Microsoft's system songs are duplicated without any apparent reason .

The error function is not affecting all users of the software , but hit people using different device models , such as the Lumia 620 and the Lumia 820 also . The situation is quite annoying, especially because it is necessary to delete all duplicate files one by one .
No official announcements ...

According to the information collected through the forum of Microsoft , neither the company nor Nokia commented on the matter. Thus , there is no way of knowing what the defect that resulted in the problem , as well as there is no date for one of the companies that offer a solution for those who are getting annoyed with this issue .

Nevertheless, some people offered some ways to end the problem - however , not all achieved good results from them . The first one is just for you to stop using the software installed on your computer as the WP manager and reset the device , so that duplications stop arise.