How to Start Creating A Blog

If you are a novice user and is in order to create your web blog, we will give some useful information to help you with this, the first step is to know what the term "blog":

A blog (a contraction of the term " Web log " ) , also called blog in Portugal , is a site whose structure enables quick update from additions of articles called , or " posts " . These are usually arranged in reverse chronological order , focusing on the proposed theme of the blog and can be written by a variable number of people , according to the political blog .

1 - Once you know which means the next step is to define what you are going to publish it , subjects and topics which you are interested in writing or commenting , always choose content that you know , so you do not make any mistakes in writing an article , it is important to note that once built the blog content needed are not necessarily the ones you chose , you can and should vary rather be with humor , or with something interesting to the reader .

2 - Now comes the choice of blog platform, which is the basis for the publication and dissemination of their content on the web , there are several systems to make this very free and others paid more all with the same goal I will quote the two most used platforms first is Blogger ( " Easy creating completely free and allows full customization of both the model as the blog address ) , the second is the ( " allows you to choose themes already pre defined , does not allow home address , unless you pay the amount directly to them , has some limits publication " ) , after choosing your platform just access the link of it , remembering that when you enter these sites you will see an interactive way of blogging .

3 - The third step is very important because it is what will bring readers to your blog . Links for disclosure of your posts , use aggregator sites to post all the links to your posts.

After creating your blog , you find in various news and blog content that complement those addressed here , just search and enjoy the world of Blogs .