Dream House Days 1.1.7 For Android Apk Free Download

The Dream House Days is a game of strategy and management developed by Kairosoft (Game Dev Story , Dungeon Story ) that puts you in the shoes of an architect and landlord of an apartment that will attract adorable couples and newlyweds complex.

The game allows a multitude of elements combine to create different divisions . For example , you can put a large plasma TV and a video game console in a room to create a ' games room ' . As you advance in the creation of sophisticated apartments can attract famous people like singers and athletes to also move there .

Another interesting aspect of the game is that your tenants will ask for help and advice yourself . Can decisively influence their professional and love lives , which in turn can benefit , if you play your cards correctly.

The Dream House Days is a new strategy game from Kairosoft , like all the company's securities , is extremely addictive . In this case we speak of a free game , so do not have any excuse not to try .

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