Google Doodle created in honor of International Women's Day

Celebration features specially produced video to celebrate the date in various languages

About accessing Google today or tomorrow , you will come across a Doodle specially produced for the celebration of International Women's Day - which was set in 1977 by the United Nations . Just click on the " Play" button in Doodle to access a video specially produced by Giant of searches , in which the phrase " Happy International Women's Day " is said in many languages ​​.

Excerpts from videos of women all over the planet were captured , showing the diversity that is part of humanity . As Google points out , is a date that needs to be remembered and Doodle was created to show that equality between the genders is required . Although the date is commonly reduced to respect women , we must remember that it means much more than that, because it seeks equality .

On the website of the UN , Secretary General Ban Ki -moon recalled that countries with more gender equality have better economic growth and also that businesses run by women have better results . Despite this , women around the world still suffer from violence , disrespect and inequality in wages and opportunities .

As the UN Secretary General says : " Together , we will work for women's rights , autonomy and for gender equality to eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development. Equality for women is progress for all " Happy International Women's Day !