Movie Review Gang Of Ghosts

The film review Gang of Ghosts
Dayarektah Satish Kaushik Ektarah Sharman Joshi, paramabrata Chatterjee, Mahi Gill, Saurabh
Shukla, Anupam Kher, Meera Chopra, Rajpal Yadav, Yashpal Sharma, Chunky Pandey, Jackie Shroff, Pauli Dam Dyuresanah
Duration : 2 hour 7 minutes
Rating: 1 star out of 5

 In 2012 there was a movie in Bengali ' Bhuter Bbishyt ' . Writer , Director , Anik Dutta . The film in Hindi ' Mr India ' Satish Kaushik , offered by the chef calender Gang of Ghosts "in the name . The film has a problem before . Forest stands in the way of concrete in the name of urbanization being , what a poor man and nature , is life difficult for ghosts . Message baldly tell a speech at the end was too pale , ghost by Gendaml . But this knotty problem airily try to reproduce it is Jilau . Barring a few Wakyon , the film looks Gsitamar . Many well-known artists , but everyone played that hand just sawdust shaving felt like abilities . Cute , funny and cute ghosts and laugh Jabr Fan Puran digest any name , only to see it .The story has some fuckin ...A mill is a bungalow in Mumbai and its adjoining . The film was shot . But one day Tabloit oppo showing some place with a ghostly agreement has been reporting . Now there 's another director Honor ( Prmbrta ) arrived . The film 's location to the finals . Writer chap gets them Strglr Raju ( Sharman Joshi ) . He tells a story . The ghosts of the building . Seth was a Gendaml . They get sold to the British . Torched by angry workers . MUM died . Then come stay here . Then more people come . Apparently the dead . Manoranjana profligate brother of actress Miss Marigold been infidelity . Hooda Haryanvi singer died from an overdose of drugs . Ouch Factor ShoDashI swimsuit and bring a beautiful little girl , Bengali Curn habits , poor drivers , military ...These ghosts were quiet . Remaining in worldliness - fragments were cut leisure and death . Were romancing , were on holiday . But only a builder View Building on Google. Ghosts of people killed without Bhutiapanti shoo him .So why did not like this movieThe thinking is good for the ghosts are not always the mark of Ramsay Brothers factory . With a little chill type . Cute good ghost . But things get out of the mouths of those ghosts , he should chill . So nice to be in the story that are not . Forced Love Song in the movie , parody and item numbers are pale . Most people seem to Ovrakting . Saurabh Shukla, Yashpal Sharma give some relief . Mahi Gill plays Paro ' I got it , you got Devdas ' is the tone adopted . Meera Chopra Priyanka Chopra's sister handed but can not expect the grass in the hand . Jones or Jackie Shroff , Pete mood and let everyone be a repeat . Director Satish Kaushik film made you think , out there . But his thinking is not at all appealed to us .