Rovio launches new Angry Birds teaser and gives a nice taste of Anxiety

Mobile success worldwide, the game should be back in a new edition, to be launched first in Canada and Australia

One of the greatest "legends" of the mobile universe is returning. Not that one day she's gone, but perhaps given a peek. We're talking about Angry Birds, Rovio unqualified success on all platforms for which it was launched. The developer apparently wants to breathe new life into the franchise. It's pointing the teaser above, which, in less than 30 seconds, let all our eyes shine with anxiety.

Just like any other teaser, the video does not show much: just one of the birds dressed in medieval armor. The bird appears to be nervous! Shortly after being released by the helmet of clothing, the final wording reveals that the first game will arrive in Canada and Australia, with other countries getting the game "following".

Rovio ranked their next release as "the most epic of history." Does the insane giggle of the characters ended up in the Middle Ages?