OnLive is back, now with new business model

The streaming service games ceased to be a platform and now becomes part of the Internet services and games

Do you remember the OnLive service that promised to revolutionize the games and offer a huge library of titles via streaming over the internet ? Well , the service was launched and was not very successful for a number of problems . Soon the company was eventually sold and has undergone a complete restructuring .

Now , the company announces that it is coming back with everything and changing the focus a bit of business. Before she was a platform and offered to sign a service in which the player was paying a monthly fee to access a library of relatively extensive games .

Now , OnLive 's new strategy is to stay " midway " between the distributor and the game player . The main part of the business is CloudLift , a system that connects with the OnLive gaming platforms . From there you can play on many different systems from the cloud , including laptops , Macs , Android, consoles or even televisions that have integrated OnLive . The first service is compatible with the ClodLift Steam .

The service should cost $ 14.99 (about £ 35) and will at first support games like Batman : Arkham Origins and Sains Row IV . Other titles should gain compatibility soon.
Change of plans

According to the CEO of OnLive , Mark Jung , the idea of ​​changing the focus of the games and distribute games not only bridging the gap between gamers and developers , came from the players themselves . According to him , " the players want to have the convenience of immediate access to your games wherever they access, but they also want to own the games and be able to play locally on their PCs ."

" With this new model , we continue expanding compatibility , freedom and instant access that players want , with the addition of flexibility to have a local copy of the game ."

Nevertheless, OnLive must also continue offering the signature that ensures a library of about 250 games via streaming .

According to OnLive , the service is the main competitor the PlayStation Now , but this should not be a problem because the company believes to be ahead of Sony in terms of technology .