Salman Khan to Don villains Cap in Dhoom 4

Dhoom series of films and his style is always special, even the villain is suspended . That is why , after John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan superstar Aamir Khan in Dhoom series drew applause by working well . History of Bollywood Aamir Khan's Dhoom -3 highest -grossing film of all time .

Fans of Salman Khan for Dhoom series and the good news is that Sallu Mian sputter -4 with a resonance can see . -3 Splash at the box office success of new flags were buried and then sputter -4 well has ruffled feathers among the fans of the series .

Dhoom series villain instead of the hero is always in focus and is too much like him . John Abraham , Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan's characters were much appreciated , so none of the top actor of Bollywood films Dhoom series does not reject the lure of the role of villain .

Now see that when the official announcement is Bollywood 's ' Dabangg ' What are the coolest .