TIMB: your next instant messenger will be free from espionage

System uses the same technology as the Tor browser to make sure that the data can not be intercepted by third parties

Since last year , the words " spy " and " screening " have been almost inherent in conversations about technology . Because of allegations that the NSA ( National Security Agency of the United States ) would be tracking data for the entire world, most people began to worry more about the safety of its own data and the confidentiality of information exchanged in the network .

As you might imagine, this also extends to instant messengers . But there are developers who want to make you stay safe while surfing and sharing your information . This is the case of the developers of Tor browser , with a design that are at an advanced stage to launch an instant messenger that works with anonymity as efficiently as the browser .

This is the TIMB ( Tor Bundle Instant Message ) , which encrypts the messages sent through the Tor network and makes use of available proxy servers to hide the identity of the people who are using the system. The client for the exchange of these messages will be created based on Instantbird service - a service that allows open source changes without limitation .

According to raodmap Tor , developers hope to put the test version available to users until later this month. Still no word on when a stable version will be released for all consumers , but if you want to chat with anonymity is important to stay tuned for updates . You would use the TIMB on your computer ?