How To Auto Invite All Friends To Like Page

Auto invite all your friends on your page in just one click

For Firfox users

Go to your Facebook page, then click CTRL + SHIFT + K
Then Copy the following code below and paste it inside then press ENTER
Minimize browser for a second 

Google Chrome User

Go to your Facebook page, then click CTRL + SHIFT + J
Then Copy the following code below and paste it inside then press ENTER
Minimize browser for a second

Enjoy Now :)

Wifi Analyzer 3.8.3 For Android Apk Free Download

WiFi Analyzer is a tool that allows you to analyze the WiFi networks near you. You can find the signal quality and network saturation in just five seconds.

On the first tab of WiFi Analyzer can view a graph of the signal quality of all WiFi networks nearby. This way you can quickly find out which one can connect with the best guarantees. On the second tab on the other side, find the meter that indicates the saturation of each network individually.

WiFi Analyzer is a pretty interesting tool because it takes up little space on the device and easily know which WiFi networks you can connect will help you.

Download Wifi Analyzer 3.8.3

Wikipedia 2.0-r-2014-08-13 For Android Apk Free Download

Wikipedia is the official application for Wikipedia, and allows you to access the entire contents of one of the best sources of information from the internet, just doing some movement on your Android device screen.

This interface is very simple, and was reduced to simply providing a space to write the word you are interested in and so look for it in the database. However, thanks to this extreme simplicity, Wikipedia perfectly fulfills its purpose, and ends up being very affordable and quick to use.

The contents which can be accessed from the app, is exactly the same which is available on the website. However, the convenience of accessing directly from one app is what makes all the difference.

Wikipedia is a very useful tool for anyone with a curious mind application. Now you can access the main source of information in the world, directly from your Android device, provided you are connected to the Internet.

Download Wikipedia 2.0-r-2014-08-13

Yahoo Aviate Launcher 2.0.6 For Android Apk Free Download

The Aviate is a 'launcher' for Android developed by ThumbsUp Labs (which has since been acquired by Yahoo). It offers you a completely different view and interact with the displays start and desktop of your smartphone form.

The first thing you will notice is that the Aviate abandoned the traditional desktop and instead bases its interface boxes. You can put all sorts of widgets, shortcuts, and photographs within each box so you always have the things you use most at your fingertips.

The Aviate also can bring you what you need all the time. The 'launcher' grows accustomed to its agenda and create personalized to match, for example work environments while at home, the way of doing something, or at work. The idea is that at different times we want to access different apps, and Aviate will bring them, depending on where you are at any given time.

Although this design is so sleek and compact, the Aviate is virtually above all. An example of this can be found in APP which is situated right two screens list. Displays your apps in alphabetical order, you may need to use an app that does not open every day.

The Aviate is a practical and stylish launcher that allows you to keep your next favorite apps, while Android will give your a totally refreshing retouching.


Requires Android 2.3 or higher

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher 2.0.6

Youtube For Android Apk Free Download

This is the official app for Android to YouTube, the largest video portal to the entire Internet.

With this application you will have access quickly to all popular videos and search for topics of interest. All this on your Android device.

YouTube for Android is an essential to any fan of the YouTube application.

Download Youtube

Opera browser 22.0.1485.81203 For Android Apk Free Download

Opera Browser is an alternative to the default Android browser, and lets you quickly browse the Internet without much harm the performance of your machine.

The browser uses Opera's servers to compress Web pages, and lets you download them much faster, so not only saves time but also money (if you are using a 3G browsing).

The browser interface looks great on any Android device, giving it a smooth look and above all functional. Additionally, you can easily zoom 'screen by pressing the' have multiple shortcuts and touch to navigate in a way that is much more comfortable than other browsers.

Thanks to Opera Link service, you can sync your bookmarks, shortcuts and general options, and share them with your computer and mobile terminal, which is useful for users who tend to be in motion.

The application comes with automatic social networks like Twitter and Facebook support. Thanks to this, will be much faster to use. You can also download any file easily and store them in the terminal's memory, so they're ready to access later from your computer.

Opera Browser is a great alternative for browsing the Internet from an Android device or a mobile phone or tablet. It has everything you need and is a joy to use it, meaning that it has to deal with many of the complications that often come hand in hand with mobile browsing.

Download Opera browser 22.0.1485.81203

Adobe AIR For Android Apk Free Download

Adobe AIR is an application that needs to perform many video games. Actually comes with his kind of 'App Store' where you can access tons of games that utilize this technology.

The app is very easy to use: take a look at the games available, touch a to go to their page on Google Play and download it. It's that simple.

Adobe AIR is essential if you play too many video games on your Android, as many titles require to be installed in order to function.

Download Adobe AIR

Humble Bundle 2.0.1 For Android Apk Free Download

The Humble Bundle Humble Bundle is the official application for Android that allows you to download and play all the video games you bought through the service.

Using the application is very simple. Once the install, just login with your user account Humble Bundle, and have access to a list of video games that it acquired through the platform. From there, you can download them and install them on your device memory with just a touch.

The list of games available for download from the Humble Bundle is a bit limited at the moment, but they are all high quality titles. Aquaria, Star Command, Punch Quest, Broken Sword, and Canabalt are just some of the games that can install and enjoy on your Android device.

The Humble Bundle is an essential for anyone who ever bought your games package application as it will need to install this app.

Download Humble Bundle 2.0.1

Chrome Beta 36.0.1985.135 For Android Apk Free Download

Everyone was surprised when Google announced the launch of its own web browser. He offered ease, speed, and high levels of usability. And that is exactly what we find in this version of the famous browser, we can now enjoy in our Android devices.

The application offers all the elements of which we enjoy in our computer versions, such as tabs and bookmarks. In addition it also provides a new way to manage tabs, sliding your finger to change from a tab to another.

This Chrome version for Android is probably the most powerful browser that can find in the market, with page loads at high speed, private browsing, search and navigation from the Omnibox and even sync tabs and bookmarks between your computer and the browser phone.

In short, if you have an Android phone, you must have this browser, you will experience a new way to surf the net. If you are accustomed to Chrome on your computer, this Chrome for Android is required.

Download Chrome Beta 36.0.1985.135

Photo Editor by Aviary 3.4.7 For Android Apk Free Download

The Aviary is a photo editing app that allows you to apply a number of different effects on your photos, from a very intuitive interface that is very simple to use.

The app, like most in its class, allows you to add elements such as text or small decorative images that balances and adjust photo color, retouch the brightness and contrast, enliven and make the blur of any part of the photo. of course .. and apply filters and effects.

Will about twelve very different Instagram-style effects at your disposal that will give your images a very modern twist. If you add to this the result of other editing tools, you can end up with truly spectacular photos.

The Aviary is a quite interesting with which retouch your photos and give them a more professional air tool is very easy to achieve.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary 3.4.7

Spotify For Android Apk Free Download

Spotify for Android is a great application that will allow you to download all your music from your computer directly to your phone.

With this small application you can listen to thousands of albums and different song, select the song you want and create your playlists, which you can listen without an internet connection.

The only setback is that to benefit from this music must have a premium account on Spotify, which also removes all advertisements, and allow you to listen to your music anytime and anywhere.

Spotify for Android is, without any doubt, a mandatory application for premium users of the most famous online music service.

Download Spotify

Dofus 2.4 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

Dofus is a good MMORPG game that will give you hours and hours of fun, thanks to his humor, his fantasy world and the wonderful, colorful scenarios where the game unfolds.

The graphical quality is superb Dofus. In fact, the first time the play will not believe that it is an online game - the definition of scenarios is amazing!

The game offers hundreds of characters to choose from, between humans and other animals. It is a cross between a tactical game and an interactive cartoon, combining a heroic fantasy world with a colorful 2D design.

Will live a great adventure across 6 different worlds, fighting hundreds of monsters and enemies. Of course, not all characters are adversaries can forge alliances and decide their own destiny.

Dofus has even try - we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Download Dofus 2.4

Super MP3 Download Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

Super MP3 Download is similar to the popular Spotify, which not only allows us to listen to thousands of songs as well download them program.

The program interface is very intuitive and, although it is less attractive than that of Spotify is still very comfortable. The tab for advanced research and songs of the moment are very useful.

If you decide to download any song, will be able to choose their quality, which is ideal for lovers who know how to distinguish the difference between 128Kbps and 320Kbps.

Super MP3 Donwload offers you a free way to listen to music, and even download it.

Download Super MP3 Download

Wordweb 7.03 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

The Wordweb is a very interesting tool for students of English that explains the meaning of any word in the English language.

If you have questions about the specific meaning of a word, press the shortcut that launches the application and check the meaning key.

The buttons that activate the default application are: CTRL - click on the right mouse button or CTRL - ALT - W.

The Worweb displays not only the meaning of the selected word, but also synonyms, antonyms, part of speech, etc.

From the application you can access word description of services like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WordReference, etc.

Download Wordweb 7.03

SlimBrowser 7.00.104 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

The SlimBrowser is a small browser that makes surfing the Internet a pleasant and interesting task.

The program is based on Internet Explorer, but it has more options and functions.

What's the highlight in SlimBrowser is that it works very well and does not consume many system resources, which makes it a good choice if your computer is less powerful.

Separators, quick search, popup blocker ... the SlimBrowser is a great free browser that has everything you need to surf the Internet more quickly and easily.

Download SlimBrowser 7.00.104

Internet Download Accelerator 5.21 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

Thanks to Internet Download Accelerator, you will be able to speed up the transfer rate, no matter if it is transferring using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.

This acceleration is achieved by breaking the file being transferred in several parts and transfer these parts at the same time to have the file on your computer as soon as possible.

It integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape and others, and can be run automatically whenever you copy a link to the area of transfer.

Internet Download Accelerator will get the most of your bandwidth, and you will be able to control the maximum bandwidth that the program can use, so that the remains of the programs that are being implemented will be able to use the width of band also.

Finally you can set, so he Detect the file extension and will store each file in a different folder depending on the type of extension.


30 days trial version.

Download Internet Download Acelerator 5.21

Autopano Pro 2.09 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

One of the problems that can occur when taking photos of landscapes is the limitation of your camera, not allowing you to capture all the territory that would like to cover. In the past, the solution was to make two or more pictures of the scenery. Now you can cover the whole field with a single photo.

The Autopano Pro is a tool for image editing and increase known for its ability to combine photos taken from the same location, allowing the user to take panoramic photos without the need for a specialized camera.

This operation is simple. Simply enter the location of the photos you want to add and will be detected and automatically attached with photographs that are in the same space and position.

It also includes several tools to edit and enhance images. All this makes the Autopano Pro a very interesting tool.


Some restricted functions.

Download Autopano Pro 2.09

WiFi password revealer Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

WiFi Password Revealer is a useful tool that shows you the Wi-Fi passwords saved on your computer, whenever you want.

It is particularly useful in those moments when you lose a password, can not access the internet, but really need it for any reason.

In these cases, you can reset the password without hassle and change it as you wish, and thanks to this simple interface is not complicated to use.

You can find the encryption method and type of connection to your network and, depending on their vulnerability, setting a new password accordingly.

Download WiFi password revealer

Mosaizer Pro v11.0b189 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

The Mosaizer is a very interesting application that lets you create amazing photo mosaics easily and quickly.

Yes, a photographic mosaic is one kind of composition formed by immense small images which when viewed from a distance form a larger image. Have a really good look and can be a great surprise for many occasions.

To create a mosaic, just have to choose the image to form and indicate the group of images that will compose. The Mosaizer automatically chooses the position of each photo to form the bigger picture.

You can set the size of small and large images as well as the quality and quantity of them, among many other things.

Moreover, the Mosaizer includes a tool called PhotoMixer, which merges two shots into one, with very good results.


Version limited to 14 days using demonstration, during which the library is limited to elements 750 and a maximum of 10MB per file.

Download Mosaizer Pro v11.0b189

MetatOGGer 5.1 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

MetatOGGer is an application that identifies, brand and renames audio files on your computer.

Despite its name, the program not only supports OGG files as well as FLAC, Speex, Monkey's Audio, MP3, Musepack, WavPack and Windows Media formats.

The process is very quick. The MetatOGGer uses a system based on acoustic impression to recognize the music, and then information on it, to properly fill tags. Once the research is done online, an internet connection is required.

The application also allows you to transfer iPhone music and lyrics.

MetatOGGer is an interesting choice for those who want to get rid of those unknown files (such as "unknown artist - track01", for example) and have your perfectly organized music collection.

Download MetatOGGer 5.1

Maharashtra SSC Result 2014 is probably to be announce on 17h June 2014

Maharashtra SSC Result 2014 is probably to be announce on 17h June 2014

Maharashtra State Board SSC Result will be declared soon , the suppose date of Mah SSC Result 2014 is 17th June 2014, so guys keep carm soon your Maharashtra Board SSC Result update at

Maharashtra SSC Result 2014:-Maharashtra state Board of Secondary Education was established in 1966. Maharashtra state Board of Secondary is an self-governing system under the Maharashtra Secondary board Act 1965. Students of Maharashtra Board can also download the study information from its official website. There are nearly 2.16 lakh students in maharastra appeared for the secondary school certificate ( SSC, Class X) examination and 1.81 lakh appeared for the higher secondary certificate ( HSC, Class XII) repeaters’ for Examination it's held from September 25 to October 17 in 2014.

Maharashtra SSC Result 2014 Student has the good advantage of filling the Revaluation form if they observe there is mistake in any of the subject marks. But this Revaluation form can only be submitted after getting the Original Marks sheet from the Educational state Boards from school . For more other detail of the filling the Revaluation form can be get easily from its official website or also students can also visit their School for more related information regarding the revaluation Form.

View Your Maharashtra SSC Result 2014 >>>> Click the link below

8 Ball Pool 2.5.2 For Android Apk Free Download

8 Ball Pool is a pool game for Android that allows you to play against players from all over the world through the web in games to turn to see who is the best.

The gameplay in 8 Ball Pool is very similar to any game of billiards. You use your finger to aim and slide to hit the ball in the direction you want. From there , you must try to beat your opponent by following all rules of the first cover - take solid slugs .

When you win games, you also earn coins . You can use these parts outside parties. Initially, it will be simple wood, but you can quickly add new things to bring a real style to your games.

8 Ball Pool is a pool game with solid gameplay, where you can play your Facebook friends or random opponents on the web. The game has excellent graphics and well made .

Download 8 Ball Pool 2.5.2

Pocket 5.5.2 For Android Apk Free Download

Pocket is a simple Android application that allows you to save any interesting information you find online so that you can watch it later , without the need for Internet access .

You can use Pocket in your pocket to bring any type of content you find on the web . There may be websites or videos, including the most traditional option : an article . You just have to click the share button and choose "Pocket" option. So you can save the content in question on your account and access it whenever you want, without requiring internet connection.

Once you start having a lot of content stored in your Pocket account, you will need to organize . With Pocket , it is also very easy . You can organize all the content you save into categories , so access is as easy as watching your favorite .

Pocket is a very useful application that will be particularly useful for users who do not have a 3G connection on their mobile phone. In all cases , it is perfect to start saving a good amount of all the texts and online articles that you find interesting.


Requires Android 2.2 or later.

Download Pocket 5.5.2

LINE camera - Selfie & Collage 8.0.3 For Android Apk Free Download

LINE Camera is an application with which you will be able to do fun and offbeat pictures.

This way, when you take a photo from the application LINE Camera, you can add a bunch of new stickers on the photo. You can add LINE stickers, frames and even different filters in a similar style to that of Instagram.

Roughly you will have more than 800 different use, more than 100 filters stickers, and 156 brushes with which you can make edits to your photos and give them the look you want ... or even add text to your photos.

Once you have finished with a photograph, you can directly share it on the social networks Facebook, Twitter ...

LINE Camera is a very interesting application that will give you a new perspective when you take a photo. Now give this photo a more fun look.

Download LINE camera - Selfie & Collage 8.0.3

GALIYAN LYRICS - Ek Villain Song | Ankit Tiwari

Song Title: Galliyan
Movie: Ek Villain (2014)
Singer/Composer: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Star Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh
Music Label: T-Series

O.. Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hai savere
Yahin marna aur jeena
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena... -2

Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galliyan
Teri galiyan...galiyaan teri, galliyan..
Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, Galliyan...

Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila.. tu mere dard ka

Mere dil ki duaayein hai..
Teri galiyan... galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan...galiyaan teri, galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan..

Kaisa hai rishta tera-mera
Be-chehra phir bhi kitna gehra
Ye lamhe, lamhe ye resham se
Kho jaayein.. kho na jaayein humse
Kaafila.. waqt ka.. rok le..
Abr se juda na ho

Teri galliyan... galliyan teri galliyan..
Mujhko bhaave galiyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan...galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan..

Teri galliyan..

ZAROORAT LYRICS - Ek Villain | Mustafa Zahid, Mithoon

Song Title: Zaroorat
Movie: Ek Villain (Release Date: 27 June, 2014)
Lyrics / Music: Mithoon
Singer: Mustafa Zahid
Star Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh
Music Label: T-Series

Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe
Main adhoora jee raha hun
Hardum ye keh raha hun
Mujhe teri zaroorat hain
Mujhe teri zaroorat hain (x2)

Andheron se tha mera rishta bada
Tune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiya
Ab lauta main hun inn andheron mein phir
Toh paaya hain khud ko begaana yahaan
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi
Banjaron ne bhi thukra diya
Main adhoora jee raha hun
Khud par hi ik sazaa hun
Mujhe teri zaroorat hain
Mujhe teri zaroorat hain

Hmm.. tere jism ki woh khushbuein
Ab bhi inn saanson mein zinda hain
Mujhe ho rahi inse ghutan
Mere gale ka ye phanda hain

Ho.. tere choodiyon ki woh khanak
Yaadon ke kamre mein gunje hain
Sunkar isey aata hain yaad
Haathon mein mere zanjeerin hainn
Tuhi aake inko nikaal zaraa
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa
Main adhoora jee raha hun
Ye sadaayein de rahaa hun
Mujhe teri zaroorat hain
Mujhe teri zaroorat hain

AWARI LYRICS - Ek Villain Song by SOCH Band

Song Title: Awari
Movie: Ek Villain (2014)
Lyrics / Music: Rabbi Ahmed, Adnan Dhool (SOCH Band)
Singers: Adnan Dhool, Momina Mustehsan
Star Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh
Music Label: T-Series

Teri baahon mein jo sakoon tha mila
meine dhoonda bahut tha
Phir na milaa...

Duniya chhoona chaahe mujhko yun
Jaisay unki saari ki saari mein
Duniya dekhe roop mera
Koi na jaane bechari mein

Haaye, tooti saari ki saari mein
Tere ishq mein hoi Awari mein
Haaye, tooti saari ki saari mein
Tere ishq mein hoi Awari mein

Koi shaam bulaaye
Koi daam lagaaye
mein bhi upar se hansti
Par andar se haaye..
Kyun dard chupaye baithi hoon
Kyun tu mujhse kehti hai
mein khud hi bikhra huaa

Haaye andar andar se toota mein
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha mein
Haaye andar andar se toota mein..
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha mein

mein jee bharke ro lun
Teri baahon mein so lun
Aa phir se mujhe mill
mein tujhse ye bolun
Tu anmol thi
Pal pal bolti thi
Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi
Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi

Haaye, andar andar se toota mein
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha mein
Haaye, teri hoon saari ki saari mein
Ho.. tere liye na saari mein

HUMDARD LYRICS - Ek Villain Song | Mithoon, Arijit Singh

Song Title: Humdard
Movie: Ek Villain (2014)
Lyrics / Music: Mithoon
Singer: Arijit Singh
Star Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh
Music Label: T-Series

Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hain zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hain sadiyaan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hain bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hain
Jo tu mera humdard hain
Suhaana har dard hain
Jo tu mera humdard hain

Teri muskurahatein hainn taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hain sadaa hifaazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin
Jo tu mera Humdard hain
Jo tu mera Humdard hain
Suhaana har dard hain
Jo tu mera Humdard hain


Teri dhadkano se hain zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hain ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hain mera mar bhi jaaun kahin
Jo tu mera humdard hain
Jo tu mera humdard hain
Suhaana har dard hain
Jo tu mera humdard hain

hmmm.. humdard hain
hmmm.. humdard hain
hmmm.. humdard hain
hmmm.. humdard hain...

ALAAHDA LYRICS - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil | AR Rahman, Shiraz Uppal

Alaahda Meaning: Separate
Singer: Shiraz Uppal
Music: A.R. Rahman
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Starring: Armaan & Deeksha
Music Label: Eros

Alaahda Alaahda
Huey toh hai Alaahda
Poori tarha magar nahi
Huey hai kyun Alaahda
Alaahda Alaahda
hai naam se Alaahda
Judi huyi hai rooh toh
hai naam ke Alaahda
Tere bagair.. jeena lagta hai khaali
Dil hai magar.. seena lagta hai khaali

Meri gali alaahda
Tera shehar alaahda
Yaadon ka hai pata wohi
Jahaan huey alaahda

Din raat adhoorapan cheere
Zang lagi khuroor ki dhaar se
Takiye ka neend se toh jhagda hua sa hai
Kaante ghadiyon ke dheere
Chale hai kyon?..
chale hai kyon waqt se?

Tere bagair.. jeena lagta hai khaali
Dil hai magar.. seena lagta hai khaali

Seena lagta hai khaali..

Subway Surfers 1.23 For Android Apk Free Download

Subway Surfers is a platform action game with gameplay very similar to Temple Run where you have to escape from the police inside an abandoned train station where trains run at full speed . Be careful!

Unlike Temple Run , Subway Surfers not asking you to control your character with the accelerometer. Instead, you must move your character between the three-way sliding your finger across the screen. Of course , you can jump over obstacles and roll on the ground to avoid others. You can also use various gadgets like jetpacks and skateboards to help you in this endless race .

As you would expect in this kind of game , you must complete several missions in which you get coins to buy upgrades . It is not a new principle , but it is still a positive.

Subway Surfers graphics are impressive, to the point that less powerful devices may have trouble displaying images with fluidity. Finally , we must admit that the models and textures are also very good .

Download Subway Surfers 1.23

2048 Number puzzle game 6.0.6 For Android Apk Free Download

2048 Number puzzle game is a version of the awesome puzzle game developed by Gabriele Cirulli HTML5 , but for Android. Players must move squares in groups of four on one side of the grid to another, with the aim to score as many points as possible .

Whenever you move in one direction, another square which is worth two points appear . When you join the squares of the same value, they founded a new square with the combined value of the two original squares. So if you join two squares of 16 - points, for example, you have a worth 32 points.

With these simple rules , players must try to score as many points as possible, with squares that increase in value up to 2048 points , which is where the game gets its name . But getting that far will not be easy .

Game puzzle Number 2048 is an excellent version of the 2048 great puzzle which you can enjoy on your Android device . In addition , controls are perfect for touch screens.


Android 2.3.3 requires .

Download 2048 Number puzzle game 6.0.6

VK 3.6 For Android Apk Free Download

VK is the official app for the Russian social network of the same name, and lets you register and browse from the comfort of your Android device. To do this, you first need to enter your phone number.

The application has an interface similar to Facebook and functionality. And as with any social network, to get the maximum, you need a good group of friends who are also connected.

You can host and share photos, videos, music pieces, and all kinds of documents directly from the application. Similarly, you can send messages to all your friends and contacts, and see what everyone on the network posted.

VK is a really useful application for all users on the network. Why would anyone want to join a Russian social network? Well, maybe catch the program will tell you!

Download VK 3.6

µTorrent® - Torrent Downloader 2.0.9 For Android Apk Free Download

With uTorrent Beta - Torrent App, official Android application uTorrent ( uTorrent ), it is now possible to download any file from the server using the program directly on our smartphone.

The application has no restrictions on download speeds , allowing you to download any file at maximum speed permitted by our Internet connection. Because of this , it is recommended to only use the application while connected to a strong WiFi network, or otherwise downloads eat up your 3G data plan in no time .

The application is still in beta mode, so there might be problems here and there, but overall it offers exactly what we expect : a way to download what we want directly on our Android devices at breakneck speeds and friendliness that characterizes uTorrent .

uTorrent Beta - Torrent App is an essential application for those who want to get the most from their smartphone , especially considering that you may download any file in seconds .

Download µTorrent® - Torrent Downloader 2.0.9

Hungry Shark Evolution 2.3.1 For Android Apk Free Download

Hungry Shark Evolution is an action game in two dimensions in which you control a shark that walks on the coast and causing panic in humans and other marine animals.

You can choose between five different types of sharks , such as the great white shark, hammerhead and tiger sharks . And you can even customize your shark with tons of different items , such as wigs and military jackets.

Hungry Shark Evolution has over forty different levels which take you into the depths of the ocean , fighting against other marine creatures and attacking beaches packed with tourists . You can try to reach the tourists themselves , or try to destroy the boats and other vehicles that are on your way.

Each level contains tons of secrets and hidden items are waiting to be discovered. Find them, and you unlock new items for your shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fun action game that offers not only spectacular 3D graphics , but also a fun gameplay and solid touch screen controls on your Android .


Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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BitTorrent®-Torrent Downloader 2.33 For Android Apk Free Download

BitTorrent - Torrent App is an application which allows you to download torrent files with your Android device. This tool is as sophisticated as the popular BitTorrent application for Windows .

From the interface of the application, you can find the file to download , subscribe to an RSS feed, read some content, and do many other things . All because the application interface is very simple and intuitive.

As is the case for other applications of its kind with BitTorrent - Torrent App, you can manage different types of torrents and download them. You can also choose the location on the disk where the files will be saved to the download , and set the time to share each file.

In the options of the application, you can adjust the speed of download and upload , to exploit the opportunities offered by your internet connection.

BitTorrent - Torrent App is an application download torrent that has all the features you might need. In addition , it is really suitable for Android devices , probably one of the best applications of its kind on this platform.

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The Sims™ FreePlay 2.9.7 For Android Apk Free Download

The Sims Freeplay is the mobile version for Android devices designed by the developers of the original version Sims 3 for PC , where you can control your Sims on a daily basis directly from your mobile phone.

You can create up to 16 different Sims, customize each with their characteristics and change their appearance as you please . Once done , you can put them in a house already ready , or create your own home from scratch , and decorate to your taste . You can also select tasks for your Sims, let them meet, and ultimately , everything you can do in the other games of the saga.

The Sims Freeplay game has no relation to the Facebook version, but you will still need an internet connection to connect to the EA servers and play .

As you can see from the video and pictures , the game's graphics are spectacular, which means that your device will be relatively strong so that the game can function correctly.

Sims Freeplay is a very fun game that will appeal to lovers hang on Sims, as it has almost all the most popular features of the saga, and in addition you can play on your mobile phone.

Download The Sims™ FreePlay 2.9.7 For Android Apk Free Download

 is a tool specifically designed to email users email client Microsoft to manage their emails as simply as possible from their mobile device.

Like most such applications, includes emerging notifications to inform us of incoming emails (although this can be disabled), calendar and contacts synchronization and visualization and synchronization of directories.

In addition to all this, the application allows you to have multiple email accounts open at once. Of course, when you want to write an email, you can make your selection, add attachments and everything he can do on the PC version. is a tool for email management very helpful and a good way to stay up to date with incoming emails.


Dark Avenger 1.3.2 For Android Apk Free Download

Dark Avenger is an action game in the third person RPG where you play a hero whose goal is to descend into hell itself to face an evil that is about to wake up.

You can choose between three different characters : a Templar , an archer or mage. The first is particularly powerful in the fight hand -to-hand , while the third is the lowest in this area ( although you can use spells to compensate for this weakness ) .

The structure of this game is very similar to titles like Diablo . Thus , you will descend into a dungeon by killing thousands of enemies , collect treasures and improve the skill levels of your character. Dark Avenger is a very intuitive game, action-oriented .

In addition to the traditional way of playing, Dark Avenger includes a multi-player online mode. You can compete against other Dark Avengers for fame and prestige, while earning special tools and weapons.

Dark Avenger is a game of action role with exceptional graphics. The only drawback is that , as is usually the case with these games, you need to buy many items to evolve.

Download Dark Avenger 1.3.2

Google Camera 2.1.043 For Android Apk Free Download

Google Camera is the official photo application framework developed by Google for Android devices , which is a substitute for the camera application that comes by default .

The first thing that will strike you about Google Camera is something negative . The problem is that the button that you use to take the picture occupies one fifth of the screen , covering much of the space that you could be seeing . Now , apart from this, the rest of the interface is easily accessible .

You can take pictures spherical to take advantage of the views around you 360 degrees. In addition, you can apply an effect out of focus for SLR cameras with a depth of field surface (fake) field or you can activate the panoramic image in high resolution. All this is available from a stretchable side panel.

Google Camera is a good camera application that does not have a ton of filters and other features more or less useful . This is a very solid alternative that allows you to do exactly what it should do: take pictures when you want them .


Requires Android 4.4 later.

Download Google Camera 2.1.043

Battery Doctor(Battery Saver) 4.9 For Android Apk Free Download

Battery Doctor is a management tool battery in addition to providing an approximation of the amount of power left in your battery like many other similar applications, can help to increase ( if possible) its lifetime .

To do this , you must follow a procedure takes place in three stages, after which with a little luck, you will succeed in prolonging the life of your battery .

With Battery Doctor , you will not only know how long you can use your computer until the battery drains completely , but it depending on the tasks you perform . Thus , you will be able to know how long you can play Angry Birds or watch videos on Youtube for example before your battery drain .

Battery Doctor is a good management tool battery that will help you tap into this important component of your computer.

Download Battery Doctor(Battery Saver) 4.9

Friendcaster 5.4.5 For Android Apk Free Download

FriendCaster for Facebook is a Facebook client designed for Android devices built on the social network with a large number of improvements including an improved interface that will make browsing much more comfortable tabs.

The application will let you know at any moment when you receive a message when someone wants to chat with you when someone's birthday , etc. . These message notifications appear on your lock screen , so you can answer them quickly.

Some interesting features include the ability to share URLs addresses without having to change browser while Facebook, easily select messages security settings and privacy , and share messages on the walls of your friends.

In addition , it is now much easier to add friends to your favorites, to get rid of contacts on your friends list , host tons of photos at once , check which photo you were tagged and host photos of groups and pages.

FriendCaster for Facebook is a great alternative to the official Facebook version, as its main asset is the excellent interface : Attractive , practical and useful .

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WhatsSpy - Last seen Spy For Android Apk Free Download

WhatsApp Spy is an application that lets you know when your contacts are connected to WhatsApp for the last time without letting them see that you are online.

So you only need to install this app on your mobile phone and choose which connection you want to use (you want to use Wi-Fi, data connection, or both).

Once you have set this specific configuration, you will see a list of all contacts and WhatsApp simply have to click on a person to see the time of their last connection or if they are online or not.

You can see the online status of your contacts in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, your status will not change at all, so you can open WhatsApp without updating the time of your last login without let anyone know what you have done.

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LinkedIn Pulse 4.0.10 For Android Apk Free Download

Pulse News Mini is application through which you can read all the news that interests you quickly and comfortably.

All you have to do is to select and organize the web pages of your choice and your favorite topics, then the program will do the rest. You will be constantly updated on the topics that interest you and you just have to lower your eyes on your phone to be aware of the latest developments.

In addition, the program will automatically download new for you to see them even if no Internet access point is nearby.

Pulse News Mini is a great way to stay informed and it is a comprehensive application ideal for for people fond of news.

Download LinkedIn Pulse 4.0.10

Forgotten Myths CCG 0.932 For Android Apk Free Download

Forgotten Myths GCC is a set of multiplayer collectible card when you face tons of rivals, including both other players and computer games using cards that you have created.

While you need to be connected to the web to play in Forgotten Myths GCC you can follow a single player campaign where you are featured in the story of one of the three factions available at start of the game Although of course , you can also go to the battlefield to fight against other players from around the world.

The combat system of Forgotten Myths GCC is very similar to other games in the genre , including Magic: the Gathering. You will also use mana cards that you can invest in creatures and spells. Creatures should be placed on a space on the carpet , so if there is no enemy creature in front of them , they will damage your opponent directly .

You can create your own deck by buying new cards with money that you get during your battles . In addition, if you want, you can buy sets of cards with real money , even if it is entirely optional .

Forgotten Myth GCC is a fighting game and collectible card that offers different game modes, very catchy mechanical and well-designed graphics . It is a very good game of its kind to keep in mind.

Download Forgotten Myths CCG 0.932

aWallet Password Manager 3.6.1 For Android Apk Free Download

aWallet Password Manager is a tool that helps you easily manage all your usernames, passwords and other personal information.

The application allows you to manage all your data, even divided into categories to have everything well organized. For example, you can have a folder with all your information online shopping , while another stores the email addresses and passwords .

All your information remains completely safe and encrypted within the application. All you need to access the application is the master password ( which will set the first time you use the program) password , which of course is vital if you want to watch the rest of your information. The application also gives you the opportunity to self-destruct all the content in different folders, you should only do in an emergency .

aWallet Password Manager is a tool for managing comprehensive information not only allows you to store all your user names , passwords and other sensitive information , but also provides you the best options to keep everything in order.

Download aWallet Password Manager 3.6.1

Camera360 Ultimate 5.1 For Android Apk Free Download

Camera360 Ultimate is an image editing tool that lets you apply dozens of unique effects on any of your favorite photos. It will even allow you to directly integrate your belongings when taking the photo.

The application has an intuitive interface and very easy to use from which you can access all its features. You only have to slide your finger a few times on the screen. If you want to apply a little blur effect on a part of the image or if you want to add a beautiful wallpaper , a finger gesture will do!

The possibilities of the application are really huge . You can apply dozens of color filters to give your photos a totally different appearance, to add layers and texture , unique settings and even a sea full of surprises .

Once you have completed your photograph, you can share it on Facebook with a single finger gesture or save it directly to the memory of your iPhone to send it later via email.

Camera 360 Ultimate is one of the best image editing tools that you can currently find on Android, mainly because of its many features , its free and its ease of use .

Download Camera360 Ultimate 5.1

Kaspersky Internet Security For Android Apk Free Download

Kaspersky Internet Security is a tool for protecting smart phone is much more than just antivirus. It provides everything you need to feel safe when using your Android device.

As you might expect - and hope - Kaspersky Internet Security protects your device from any virus that might try to attack by analyzing all the applications before you leave the download, and blocking any website hazardous you might visit.

However, it is not the only kind of protection that Kaspersky offers. You will also have access to a range of tools locks that allow you to block remote access to your device and locate it using 3G or WiFi.

And as if that was not enough, Kaspersky Internet Security comes with additional tools you can use to block incoming calls and from different phone numbers messages.

Kaspersky Internet Security is a comprehensive protection tool that includes everything you need to feel safe. And the application interface makes it extremely easy to perform these operations.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security

Cymera - Social photo editing 2.0.1 For Android Apk Free Download

Cymera is a photo application that can give a fresh and dynamic look to your photos , thanks to the many opportunities as its filters and "lenses" .

Some of the options available before taking the photo are: selection of seven different types of lenses , use a timer to fit you in your own decision or the application of an image stabilizer for days where it moves a little more !

Of course , once you have taken the photos, you will have access to more options. Over twenty different filters will allow you to give an artistic touch to your photographs and a series of editing tools allow you to adjust brightness, correct red eye , enhance color , etc. .

Cymera is a pretty good application , following in the footsteps of applications like Instagram regarding the editing and customizing photos, does not have integrated social service. Even if you can share your creations with Twitter and other such sites , it is not the same experience.

Download Cymera - Social photo editing 2.0.1

TuneIN Radio 12.0 For Android Apk Free Download

TuneIn Radio is a small application that lets you listen to more than sixty thousand different radio stations around the world, including international stations in languages ​​you do not know and your favorite local stations.

The application will allow you to program the stations you want to listen to specific hours. You can therefore use this feature you do not miss your favorite show or even as an alarm.

Other interesting options are also available: pause the station live up to thirty minutes, adding stations to your list of favorites for easier access, search for new stations by keywords to listen to your style favorite music, etc..

TuneIn Radio is an excellent free application and filled with opportunities for people who love radio.

Download TuneIN Radio 12.0

Poweramp Music Player (Trial) 2.0.9 - Build 555 For Android Apk Free Download

Poweramp Music Player is a music player for Android that allows you to play songs in all common formats : mp3, mp4, ogg , wma, flac , wav , ape , wmv, tta , mpc and aiff .

It includes a graphic equalizer 10 band optimized for all formats listed above, as well as many adjustments and the option to create custom profiles.

Other features Poweramp Music Player includes optional crossfade playback and seamless .

Poweramp Music Player also lets you view the lyrics, and includes a search function will find words using the complement musiXmatch . It is compatible with m3u lists, m3u8 , pls and wpl .

You can download album art for albums on your device in just seconds , adding a button to your listening experience .

Poweramp Music Player also includes a customizable lock screen with optional Direct lock . In all, this is an excellent music player for Android that has more features than most of its competitors .

Download Poweramp Music Player (Trial) 2.0.9 - Build 555