Autopano Pro 2.09 Free Download For Windows xp, 7, 8

One of the problems that can occur when taking photos of landscapes is the limitation of your camera, not allowing you to capture all the territory that would like to cover. In the past, the solution was to make two or more pictures of the scenery. Now you can cover the whole field with a single photo.

The Autopano Pro is a tool for image editing and increase known for its ability to combine photos taken from the same location, allowing the user to take panoramic photos without the need for a specialized camera.

This operation is simple. Simply enter the location of the photos you want to add and will be detected and automatically attached with photographs that are in the same space and position.

It also includes several tools to edit and enhance images. All this makes the Autopano Pro a very interesting tool.


Some restricted functions.

Download Autopano Pro 2.09