How To Auto Invite All Friends To Like Page

Auto invite all your friends on your page in just one click

For Firfox users

Go to your Facebook page, then click CTRL + SHIFT + K
Then Copy the following code below and paste it inside then press ENTER
Minimize browser for a second 

Google Chrome User

Go to your Facebook page, then click CTRL + SHIFT + J
Then Copy the following code below and paste it inside then press ENTER
Minimize browser for a second

Enjoy Now :)

Wifi Analyzer 3.8.3 For Android Apk Free Download

WiFi Analyzer is a tool that allows you to analyze the WiFi networks near you. You can find the signal quality and network saturation in just five seconds.

On the first tab of WiFi Analyzer can view a graph of the signal quality of all WiFi networks nearby. This way you can quickly find out which one can connect with the best guarantees. On the second tab on the other side, find the meter that indicates the saturation of each network individually.

WiFi Analyzer is a pretty interesting tool because it takes up little space on the device and easily know which WiFi networks you can connect will help you.

Download Wifi Analyzer 3.8.3

Wikipedia 2.0-r-2014-08-13 For Android Apk Free Download

Wikipedia is the official application for Wikipedia, and allows you to access the entire contents of one of the best sources of information from the internet, just doing some movement on your Android device screen.

This interface is very simple, and was reduced to simply providing a space to write the word you are interested in and so look for it in the database. However, thanks to this extreme simplicity, Wikipedia perfectly fulfills its purpose, and ends up being very affordable and quick to use.

The contents which can be accessed from the app, is exactly the same which is available on the website. However, the convenience of accessing directly from one app is what makes all the difference.

Wikipedia is a very useful tool for anyone with a curious mind application. Now you can access the main source of information in the world, directly from your Android device, provided you are connected to the Internet.

Download Wikipedia 2.0-r-2014-08-13

Yahoo Aviate Launcher 2.0.6 For Android Apk Free Download

The Aviate is a 'launcher' for Android developed by ThumbsUp Labs (which has since been acquired by Yahoo). It offers you a completely different view and interact with the displays start and desktop of your smartphone form.

The first thing you will notice is that the Aviate abandoned the traditional desktop and instead bases its interface boxes. You can put all sorts of widgets, shortcuts, and photographs within each box so you always have the things you use most at your fingertips.

The Aviate also can bring you what you need all the time. The 'launcher' grows accustomed to its agenda and create personalized to match, for example work environments while at home, the way of doing something, or at work. The idea is that at different times we want to access different apps, and Aviate will bring them, depending on where you are at any given time.

Although this design is so sleek and compact, the Aviate is virtually above all. An example of this can be found in APP which is situated right two screens list. Displays your apps in alphabetical order, you may need to use an app that does not open every day.

The Aviate is a practical and stylish launcher that allows you to keep your next favorite apps, while Android will give your a totally refreshing retouching.


Requires Android 2.3 or higher

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher 2.0.6

Youtube For Android Apk Free Download

This is the official app for Android to YouTube, the largest video portal to the entire Internet.

With this application you will have access quickly to all popular videos and search for topics of interest. All this on your Android device.

YouTube for Android is an essential to any fan of the YouTube application.

Download Youtube

Opera browser 22.0.1485.81203 For Android Apk Free Download

Opera Browser is an alternative to the default Android browser, and lets you quickly browse the Internet without much harm the performance of your machine.

The browser uses Opera's servers to compress Web pages, and lets you download them much faster, so not only saves time but also money (if you are using a 3G browsing).

The browser interface looks great on any Android device, giving it a smooth look and above all functional. Additionally, you can easily zoom 'screen by pressing the' have multiple shortcuts and touch to navigate in a way that is much more comfortable than other browsers.

Thanks to Opera Link service, you can sync your bookmarks, shortcuts and general options, and share them with your computer and mobile terminal, which is useful for users who tend to be in motion.

The application comes with automatic social networks like Twitter and Facebook support. Thanks to this, will be much faster to use. You can also download any file easily and store them in the terminal's memory, so they're ready to access later from your computer.

Opera Browser is a great alternative for browsing the Internet from an Android device or a mobile phone or tablet. It has everything you need and is a joy to use it, meaning that it has to deal with many of the complications that often come hand in hand with mobile browsing.

Download Opera browser 22.0.1485.81203

Adobe AIR For Android Apk Free Download

Adobe AIR is an application that needs to perform many video games. Actually comes with his kind of 'App Store' where you can access tons of games that utilize this technology.

The app is very easy to use: take a look at the games available, touch a to go to their page on Google Play and download it. It's that simple.

Adobe AIR is essential if you play too many video games on your Android, as many titles require to be installed in order to function.

Download Adobe AIR

Humble Bundle 2.0.1 For Android Apk Free Download

The Humble Bundle Humble Bundle is the official application for Android that allows you to download and play all the video games you bought through the service.

Using the application is very simple. Once the install, just login with your user account Humble Bundle, and have access to a list of video games that it acquired through the platform. From there, you can download them and install them on your device memory with just a touch.

The list of games available for download from the Humble Bundle is a bit limited at the moment, but they are all high quality titles. Aquaria, Star Command, Punch Quest, Broken Sword, and Canabalt are just some of the games that can install and enjoy on your Android device.

The Humble Bundle is an essential for anyone who ever bought your games package application as it will need to install this app.

Download Humble Bundle 2.0.1