Snapchat 5.0.2 For Android Apk Free Download

Snapchat is an application that lets you communicate with friends through images that will be visible for a few seconds before disappearing forever!

The operation of the application is quite simple: you take a photo, add some text if you want , set the time that the image will be visible, and send it to a friend .

So that the recipient can see the image also, for safety reasons, he or she will also have the application on their computer. In addition, someone sends you a picture through the app, you are notified of this by message.

With Snapchat , you can experience a new way to communicate with your contacts. Indeed, the characteristic of this application is that the person who is intended image can not watch it for a short period of time and there will be no trace of the message after a few seconds. If the latter the opportunity to save the image , the application will let you know also .

Snapchat is a simple and useful application that will allow you to always keep in touch with friends otherwise.

Download Snapchat 5.0.2