Slice It! 1.8.4 For Android Apk Free Download

Slice It! is a puzzle game in which you need to use the tip of your finger as a knife to cut a ton of different shapes and transform them into the required sizes for each level , which can become increasingly difficult as the seems .

You'll have more than a hundred levels available with their corresponding forms. Of course , the less you 'll need to slice shots , the higher your score will be high and you will receive stars. The aim , clearly , is to get as many stars as possible in each level.

Visually, Slice It! is very interesting. Even if it does not have particularly impressive graphics filled polygons , textures and light effects , it has nevertheless very pleasant designs.

Slice It! is a game of exciting puzzle with a great appearance. It is an indispensable considering it is free and it provides hours of entertainment wherever you are.

Download Slice It! 1.8.4