It's war! New API from Microsoft can be twice as good as Mantle

Platform that would be the "DirectX 12" can be presented during GDC 2014 in

The Mantle Technology from AMD , surprised when it was announced and after the first performance tests of plates containing the API . This means that the market received a boost , plus the declaration of war against the competitor, NVIDIA .

And the battle will be good : According to ExtremeTech , several sessions scheduled for the Game Developers Conference ( GDC ) 2014 in late March , will have as its theme an API for low level headed for Direct3D and OpenGL platforms , the two most affected by Mantle. Microsoft would be responsible for the development of technology .

Some time ago , the company said it was still committed to evolve DirectX standard, but did not say anything about a successor , who would be a " DirectX 12 " . Soon after , Mantle was launched in the market and eyes turned all AMD . But the description of the events of the GDC is encouraging. " You asked us better tools for you to squeeze every drop of performance from your computer , tablet , phone or console. Come to know our plans ," says the notice.
friendly rivals

Also according to the Extremetch , the recent interest in the field of Microsoft APIs result in a low tech twice as good as the Mantle. The project would use a different basis from AMD , but the goal is the same : to ensure lower heating and CPU and better graphics in the latest games available .

But AMD takes it all in the most friendly way possible. In an official statement , she stated that celebrates and supports a direction in the development of games with graphics facing the corporate vision .

The problem of such a project ? If the DirectX 12 platform exists and follow the Microsoft standard , it will be exclusive of the next version of Windows , which can be a major limitation .

LG G Flex arrives in World in March for 2699 $

Sales begin in the stores of the manufacturer. Value is the unlocked handset

LG has announced the release date and the initial selling price of the smartphone G Flex , the curved device that also has a regeneration technology against risks . According to the manufacturer, the product will be available from the second week of March in LG Mobile Stores, which are the company's own stores .

A week later, he is now also sold in virtual retail stores and partners of LG . Finally , physical stores have the G Flex from the end of next month . The price of the handset unlocked ( ie no plans of operators ) is R $ 2,699 .

The LG G Flex is one of the first models in the market to present the curved design , with this characteristic applied to the screen and battery. Besides being stylish , the look is more comfortable for people who watch the videos by phone and talk to him near the ear , since the speakers are better positioned .

The regeneration device has been proven even in testing. It also features the Smart Button , a physical button that can receive various functions on the device . This technology is also " Knock On " , the unlock method with two taps on the screen that became known in the LG G2 .

Microsoft may launch free version of "Windows 8.1 with Bing"

Details of the new operating system were not clear, but it can compete with Chrome OS

According to sources connected to Microsoft who spoke with The Verge and ZDNet , the company is working on a simplified version of Windows 8.1 which should be free . There are indications that Bing will be the center of this operating system of some remains obscure to us . Other than that , there are reports that this version will be responsible for unifying the major Microsoft services , which should include tools such as OneDrive there , beyond the Bing search engine itself .

As you may already be wondering , a simplified operating system , extremely connected to a search engine and that should unify Microsoft services may actually be an attempt to stop the growth of Chrome OS , Google , which has a very similar proposal.
To maintain the customer base

There are reports that even this simplified and free version of Windows will be a cheap alternative to migration from old PCs with Windows XP and 7 for the new platform . Some time ago , there was already talk that Google was to simulate the operation of apps EXE , the Windows environment, its Chrome OS through cloud computing . With this and the impending end of support for Windows XP , would open a huge loophole for migration of former Microsoft customers to other companies' platforms .

Besides being free , this version of Windows 8.1 would be light enough to operate with low processing chips ARM architecture, which would make computers manufactured specifically for that much cheaper than current x86 and x64 OS . It is believed , therefore, that the " Windows 8.1 with Bing " , as it is called , will also be provided directly to manufacturers of PCs

As rumors about it are still quite preliminary, we can not calculate a prediction for the arrival on the market of this new OS . Anyway , there are reports that the company plans to launch a " major upgrade " of Windows 8.1 on April 8th , the same day that Windows XP will see the end of their support . Coincidence ? Some say that something very interesting is to come on that date emblematic.

Moto G is the best selling smartphone in the history of Motorola

Low settings and almost turned the top of the line smartphone the most successful player in the history of the company

Low price and configurations above average for its category . These two features were primarily responsible for making the smartphone Moto G a very popular handset .

During a dinner with the press held during MWC 2014, senior vice president of the company , Rick Osterloch confirmed good news for fans of the brand . According to the executive , the G Moto is the best selling smartphone in the history of Motorola . But did not provide specific data , Osterloch ensured that the company makes a profit by selling the product, although it is much smaller than the average obtained in the market .

The senior vice president of the company also revealed that even with the purchase of Motorola by Lenovo , the expectation is that the Moto G continue to receive attention from the Chinese company . This is a real proof that smartphones with good features and a competitive price are key ingredients to create a new blockbuster .

RoboCop: the sinister robotic technologies vigilante [graphic]

Meet the main technologies in the body's most famous cyber cop movie

On Friday, February 21 , the cinemas of world received the debut of the new version of one of the major films of the 1980s . You might guess that we're talking about RoboCop , work directed by Brazilian Jose Padilha and can become one of the greats of geek culture in 2014 . But what is so interesting in the new cyborg cop?

Some say the new RoboCop is a mix between Iron Man - in relation to the technology used , it is logically valid on a scale much closer to reality - and Tropa de Elite . This second item would direct influence of the director, who also directed the two Brazilian films and may have left the cop Murphy arrived with some traces of the BOPE .

But here in Tecmundo our focus is technology , so we will restrict ourselves to examine this point in the Jose Padilha film. Are you curious to know a little more about the main technological paraphernalia that Murphy carries on crime ? So let's figure this out together!

Warning: this article may contain spoilers for those who have not watched the new movie RoboCop .
Armour generation

Murphy 's armor can be considered part of your body , since it is composed of bionic parts that replace their members and even some organs . It is for this reason that RoboCop is not a robot , but a cyborg - since this designation adds any human who use cybernetic parts to facilitate or expand human capacities .

In the film this year , the word " graphene " was not mentioned , but it is quite evident the influence of the material composition of the armor Murphy . The nanotech material is able to withstand 200 times more power than a protection made ​​of steel , remembering that this still means six times less weight . That's exactly what offer the bionic parts RoboCop .

The helmet also has police tracking technologies that allow rapid identification of threats . Just that viewers do a quick scan for display names and police records of each of the faces scanned by the system . In large crowds of people , it becomes much easier to find a suspect RoboCop , for example.
Implants and transfusions

Because of injuries caused by the explosion , Murphy had to go through a series of bionic implants in their body parts . The big problem is that what little is left of the human body the police identifies these implants as foreign agents and combating the pieces as if they were one large infection, which weakens his forces . What is the trick to keep alive RoboCop ? A " docking station " capable of injecting nutrients and make " hemodialysis " full cyborg.
A police officer with a will ?

Some of the main components of cyber RoboCop chips are implanted in your brain . It is through these equipments the department responsible can control some of the actions of Murphy . Because of this , many times it is possible to compare the RoboCop with police - drones that can be developed in the coming decades .
Guns Murphy

There are a lot of weapons displayed during the movie released recently. Some of the main ones are the NI -408 pistol and battle rifle M2 . The first item mentioned is focused on the fighting in agglomerations , since it uses non-lethal ammunition neuromuscular incapacitation . In simpler terms , it is about an immobilizer pistol.

Have the rifle M2 works with much more power . He shoots projectiles .50 Beowulf high impact and firepower . Unlike pistol ammunition NI -408 , the shots fired by M2 are lethal and dangerous , and therefore directed to use against threats already identified . The M2 rifle is capable of carrying up to 30 bullets in the loader, which means great results in battles assault .

Have you watched the new RoboCop ? Does the technologies it uses are able to transform it into a more efficient soldier against crime or investment in something like this would not be compensated ?

Apple Maps skiers residence for women guide, which is crazy

Application insists route that is leaving resident of Pennsylvania crazy

The Apple Maps famous by the event that led to death traps tourists in a non- populated area of Australia . Also we acknowledge the unusual situation in which drivers were taken to airport runways . But perhaps none of these cases to compare with the frustration that Judy Saltsburg , a resident of Pennsylvania , has passed . That's because skiers often have " rung " of the resident by mistake .

It turns out that Apple Maps application , such as Google Maps, uses satellites ( and internet ) to determine the route between the origin and destination of a path, has guided skiers residence of Judy . She constantly need to leave your property and explain to athletes that there is an error in the application , which insists that the best route to get to the ski area is through the spot which is the residence of the resident .

Judy has been forced to disperse skiers of his garage about six months here , during which coincidentally marks the launch of Apple's application in more remote locations . Skiers keep coming to the property capita , although the road leading to her house is properly signed and signs to a dead end.
Warnings have no effect

Judy had placed several notices and signs warning skiers not to approach , including a sign that says : " Due to the increasing price of ammo [ weapons ] , do not expect a warning shot ."

Interestingly, no notice seems to have been effective . The skiers were fully convinced that Apple Maps is giving you the most accurate information possible about the route to be followed and therefore would be refusing to believe the woman when she tells them that your home is not a " ski accommodation " . The resident also reportedly said that he tried to contact Apple about the bug, but apparently the company still needs to fix the fault.

" I have had three [ visits ] in less than 24 hours," Judy recently told a local TV station , the WGAL . "The biggest Their argument is that ' my application says that this is the way to Roundtop [ local ski ] ."

Tense , no?

Tips to make overclocking your PC - Part 2

The master of overclocking Ronaldo Buassali presents another important collection of tips for anyone who wants to venture into the world of overclocking

Continuing our series of articles with tips for overclocking , we present the second part . The tips are the professional overclocker Buassali Ronaldo , world record holder in several categories.

TripAdvisor today serve in particular for those working with Intel socket 2011 platforms , but most of them fits perfectly to the decks in 1366 , 1156 , 1155 and newer, 1150. Some of this information also serve as reference for older platforms AMD , however, we should soon have more specific articles to these systems .

Overclocking is a technique that forces the computer components (usually processor, memory and video card ) to run up the original factory specifications . This extra performance makes the most powerful machine, but you must understand that some equipment may void the warranty if used above the original patterns . Such as overclocking can damage components before performing any procedure be sure to be aware of the dangers .

In today's article we will delve into the element processor ( CPU ) , with a brief introduction to the subject of memories .

Most of the changes about which we are treating the BIOS ( Basic Input Output System ) machine . To access this control panel , you must press the DEL key once turning on the machine. Remember that some components work with different keys like F2 or even F12 .

Overclocking the processor

Overclocking the processor is due to the increase in frequency as a result of a change in one of the two main parameters of its operation , the BCLK ( FSB ) , which is the "base rate " , and / or an internal multiplier ( ratio ) processor. See the example :

100 MHz ( BCLK ) x 34 ( ratio) = 3,400 MHz

Increasing the base frequency of 100 MHz to 110 MHz and keeping the multiplier at 34 we would have a CPU running at 3,740 MHz

Of course, not all processors allow the increase of these parameters . That is why many manufacturers identify models with " unlocked multiplier " as CPUs terminated with the K suffix Intel , for example. Some motherboards will not allow this type of modification to the equipment , so before performing an overclock is to find out whether your machine has the requirements for the process .

Most often , they are not necessary changes other than those two (increase the multiplier and / or BCLK ) to achieve a significant increase in the frequency of work, but there is a limit . This barrier can be overcome only with the increase in the operating voltages .

Below , see some of the main parameters and voltages present in the BIOS of computers . Remember that, as we mentioned earlier, not all motherboards available on the market have all these settings .

VCC ( CPU Voltage ) - It is important to check with the manufacturer 's recommendations for maximum tension. In reference platforms in this topic , the normal stress for this revolves around little more than 1.0 V. Voltages below 1.32 V are quite safe and can promote, depending on the processor , a great performance boost . To overclock a higher level , the indication is to keep below 1.42 V for use day to day ( as reference only ) . However , depending on the purpose of overclocking , this value can be even higher , reaching 1.60 V or more. As the CPU voltage is directly proportional to the heat generation , it is always important to have an adequate system of cooling .

VCCIO ( VTT ) - is the voltage of the memory controller on the processor. Her role is to help stabilize the overclocking memory when you need to change your criteria . Depending on the required level , it should be modified , but basically it should only be used when the goal is to achieve over the memories . This setting may cause damage to components if not used with caution. If you want to work with this setting , the ideal is gradually increased tension ( 0.02 or 0.03 volts ) , as is increasing the memory parameters (higher frequency and / or lower latency ) .

VCCSA (System Agent ) - It's a tension that should be changed with care. It helps when user wants to force up the BCLK and memory ( thus increasing the BCLK causes increased frequency of memory) . The observations of implementing voltage are the same for the VCCIO ( VTT ) , ie , tensions rise gradually.

VCC PLL ( Phase-Locked Loop ) - is an internal voltage of the CPU frequency generator. Is very important in temperature control . If you decline, the final temperature will decrease . In situations where the temperature is limiting , it is possible to achieve some MHz to more reducing this parameter. But it can cost ( or not ) the stability of the system.

Also , sometimes , its increase may cause greater stability for overclocking . Each CPU has a particular behavior with this parameter , leaving the user to find the best balance between warmth and stability of computer according to this value. As always , the recommendation is to increase or decrease the voltage in small steps to avoid problems .

DRAM Voltage - is the memory voltage . To increase the frequency and / or decrease latency , this configuration affects the stability of the system. There exists an exact value , because each chip has unique properties .

Some memories are fabricated with very low voltage (1.35 volts for example), but most modern memories operate from 1.50 to 1.65 volts. The maximum values ​​of increase depends on the level of increase required and the quality of the chip , but , depending on the purpose of the modification and equipment , you can reach 2 volts .

LLC - Load Line Calibration - When a processor is required , its voltage drops ( drop ) . The LLC is a resource that produces an " extra power " to prevent BSOD , lockups and crashes . This parameter must follow the same level of modification of other items , ie , higher overclocks require higher voltages .

PCH ( South Bridge Voltage ) - can be left in automatic overclocking usual . Only in cases of extreme overclocking justified his amendment .

Clock Skew ( tilt clock ) - It's a "fine tuning " to get the maximum overclock after the maximum values ​​were reached . It is best used with extreme cooling (below 0 ° C). The Skew function is to shift the starting point of the clock generator , aligning this with the CPU frequency synthesizer .

Electrical transients , noise source , capacitance and even the distance between the components ( CPU , RAM ) can interfere with the clock generator . When we increase the values ​​of the multiplier ( ratio) or BCLK , rates of data transfer also change , so that the bank transfer - in conditions of stability - will deteriorate . So , we rise or we delay the Skew (in picoseconds ) , aiming to change the arrival time of the information , aligning the CPU clock with the clock synthesizer . The same occurs with the Skew memory . It's very sensitive and detailed, to try to extract the last possible MHz .

IGPU - If you use the integrated graphics , you should stir the iGPU , but we will not talk at this time of GPU integrated .

The system BIOS also has some extra settings that can be modified to achieve better results . See what they are :

  •     Hyper Threading : activates or deactivates the active virtual processor cores ;
  •     CPU Core : allows to enable the number of physical cores you want to use ;
  •     Spectrum : spectral scattering ( interference ) - no use for overclocking , so it is recommended to disable this feature ;
  •     Virtualization : is only for those who are using virtualization ( more than one operating system running simultaneously) . For overclocking , the recommendation is to disable this option ;
  •     Internal PLL : Enable to more aggressive overclocks ;
  •     C1E : state of decreased activity - has no use for overclocking and should be disabled ;
  •     State C : are power modes - have no use for overclocking and can be disabled ;
  •     Turbo Boost : You should not enable this option to limit the overclock ;
  •     Intel Speed ​​Step ( EIST ) : This feature serves to lower the CPU voltage when in idle ( rest) . Has no use for overclocking and can be disabled ;
  •     Hardware Prefetcher : Search flows of data and instructions from memory to the second-level cache . Must be enabled ;
  •     Adjacent Prefetch : triggers two lines of 64 bytes of cache ( 128 bytes ) , increasing the use of BUS and thus processing more information . The recommendation is to enable this option ;
  •     Power Saving Mode : Power Saving - no use for overclocking and should be disabled ;
  •     Execute Disable Bit : protects the machine against malicious code into memory - does not alter the terms of overclocking ;
  •     Thermal Monitor : is a system to protect the system and should be disabled if more aggressive overclocks .

For the case of the new platform in 1150 , we still have the possibility of changing various features of the North Bridge , which can bring significant improvement in system performance . See what they are:
  •     VRIN : VRM voltage (power) - values ​​such as 2.4 volts for maximum reference voltage in air ( 2.9 V LN2 ) ;
  •     CPU Ring : voltage cache - values ​​such as 1.35 volt reference for maximum tension in the air ( 1.6 V LN2 ) ;
  •     VCCIO - in this case , with analog and digital parameters - ( +0.2 V ~ +0.5 V air LN2 ) ;
  •     PCH Voltage : PCH Voltage - 1.15 V ~ 1.20 V ar/LN2 ;
  •     VCCSA : Voltage System Agent - +0.23 V reference for the maximum tension in the air and LN2 +0.28 V ;
  •     DRAM Voltage : in Haswell CPUs depending up the chip and the level of overclocking , may be higher voltages required ( above 2.0 V ) , even at normal refrigeration. Limit for LN2 > 2.2 V.

Other important tips

To make the cores work without "parking " (decrease or stop activity ) and ensure better performance in multithreaded benchmarks and , in particular , the latest 3D software , you can perform the following configuration :

Core Parking :

In Windows , go to the system log and look for the key :

0cc5b647 - c1df - 4637 - 891A - dec35c318583

Change all minimum or maximum values ​​that appear with the number 64 to 0 ( zero) .

The number 64 indicates that all cores can be stopped , and the number zero otherwise , ie , all cores must remain active .

Another important for those who have video cards from NVIDIA tip is to install the NVIDIA Inspector , a software that allows viewing and conducting advanced settings on the video card .

As we know , the overclocking can result in malfunction of the machine . Often the problems encountered are reported by Windows itself , with its " famous " blue screens of death ( BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death ) .

Below is a list of the major error codes that appear when something is wrong and its recommendations :
  •     0 × 124 = increase or decrease the voltage of Vcore or VTT ;
  •     0 × 101 = increase Vcore voltage ;
  •     0x1E = increase Vcore voltage ;
  •     0x3B = increase Vcore voltage ;
  •     0xD1 = increase VTT voltage ;
  •     0x9C = increase VTT voltage (occasionally may require increased Vcore ) ;
  •     0X109 = increase tension of RAM ;
  •     0 × 50 = error in timing / frequency of RAM ( RAM or add voltage to VTT ) ;
  •     0x0A = increase VTT voltage ;
  •     = 0x1A error memory manager and can be caused by a faulty comb . Test the memory modules and , if no problems , try increasing the voltage of RAM . Another possibility is the lack of tension in the South Bridge ;
  •     0 × 19 = voltage error in the memories .

The aim of this paper is to show a little more of this thrilling activity that is overclocking . However , as we have said before , any modification suggested here is the user's responsibility , because working with the components above the factory settings may result in irreparable damage to equipment .

Article produced by Ronaldo Buassali ( rbuass ) and Jacson Schenckel ( schenckel bros ) .

Be sure to check out the first part of this article contains valuable information for those starting in the overclocking area .

Sony will sell its original headquarters in Tokyo

Company expects that trading will help to cushion the impact of the loss of $ 1.1 billion expected by it in this fiscal year

After selling its VAIO computers and announce the closure of several units of Sony Store, the Japanese company is about to take a new step in trying to improve their financial situation . The company put on sale its original headquarters in Tokyo that it can yield about 15 billion yen , equivalent to U.S. $ 146.5 million.

This should mark the third major real estate transaction resulting from the restructuring CEO Kazuo Hirai promoted by - last year , the company had $ 2.3 billion by selling its headquarters in New York and Osaka . The decision resulted in several critical the Japanese media , he believes the birthplace of the company that was home to the invention of the Walkman and television Triniton should remain intact.

The procedure should help to reduce the negative impact caused by the company , which estimates to lose $ 1.1 billion in the current fiscal year financial performance - something that should help put more pressure on divisions linked to the PlayStation and Xperia lines , responsible for some the few positive news that the company has received in recent years.

Ashton Kutcher may be responsible for design of new smartphone from Lenovo

The actor must take care of the limited edition design of an apparatus created by Chinese manufacturer

Lenovo may be about to announce a deal with the U.S. actor Ashton Kutcher . According to Re / Code site , the artist can become responsible for the design of a limited edition of Android smartphones produced by the manufacturer. There is great detail about how this partnership would work , but it is thought he will be assisted by professional designers and give the name to the "signature " version .

If the partnership is confirmed, it is quite possible that it is officially announced in the coming weeks . As we have said , there is no detail about the possible use of " design knowledge " Ashton Kutcher in new appliances and even if they would be released as Lenovo and Motorola .
Lenovo attacking with Windows Phone

In addition to Android devices , it is quite possible that Lenovo reaches the smartphone market with new weapons in the coming months . Rumors started WM Power User on the site show that the manufacturer can put a smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 in the market in April this year . The information that emerged thus far indicate devices with Qualcomm processor 400 or 600 ( medium performance ) screen and between 4.5 and 5 inches.

Site search shows on porn sites in real time

List of search terms and rank with the most popular are the highlights of PornMD

The network of sites Pornhub released this week a rather curious tool associated to their sites. This is the PornMD, a service that lists in real time what are the search terms that users are using when browsing the websites belonging to the group.

Just following this link and check out the list. Remember that the PornMD works only for those who access content via desktop, mobile applications are not covered. A ranking also shows what are the most searched terms.

Although the results of the search are all in English and no warning sign does not exist, we recommend that content is accessed only by persons over 18 years.

Motorola: "We were treated like any manufacturer by Google"

Executives from American company claim that Google did not yield differential treatment in no time

" The Google wanted us to be successful , but she never needed us ! " Is that a Motorola executive describes the short term relationship that Motorola had with Google over the past few years - from acquisition to sale to Lenovo . Steve Horowitz ( senior vice president of Motorola software engineering) revealed that during the conference that the company had at MWC 2014 .

He also made clear that the focus of Google was never to make the smartphones Motorola had some advantage in the market . " We wanted to have a special relationship with the Android team , but we waited in the waiting room like any other company . Were treated as any other manufacturer. Google was very careful not to give us any special treatment. "

Mark Randal ( senior vice president of operations and supplies ) revealed that everything that Motorola has in recent years was on the merits . The Moto Moto X and G instruments have been built based on feedback and research , having no influence of Google itself - which makes clear the dissatisfaction of executives regarding Internet giant .

As for Lenovo , executives who attended the presentation at MWC argue that the company should invest only in hardware . Randal says that Motorola will have access to Lenovo supplies and also the expertise of Chinese hardware company , but it should be fully responsible for the software part of the apparatus . Will this new management will be better for Motorola than the previous ?

Snare: 3 types of cables made to deceive the consumer

It's good to do a little research before purchasing some fake components and that does not work very well

The computer market is bombarded with new products every month, which makes the situation complicated for consumers who want to purchase only one functional unit.

Which occurs in the same way that there are honest companies , there picks manufacturers that target only mislead consumers with false or deceptive devices .

Recently, a reddit user posted some tips on some types of cables that do not work properly and that consumers are only spending good money without getting the desired benefit . Check out what components you should not buy .

1. HDMI to VGA

The first type of cable is quite common to find because it is much sought after . With the promise to send a HDMI signal to a VGA ( or vice versa ) port , this type of cable would allow older computers could send signal to new televisions and would be a key player in connecting new PC (with HDMI ) and old monitors .

The truth is that this type of cable does not work as expected . The HDMI signal is digital type , whereas products with VGA connection works with analog signal . Basically , there is no way perform this type of conversion to a cable . You need to purchase a card that can receive the signal and convert it .

Available in many cheap shops , this type of cable should not be expensive , because it only brings connectors and does not perform the promised activity ( although it works with the digital VGA available in some graphics cards ) . Avoid buying this cable because you will not win anything but headaches trying to exchange the product or get your money back .

2 . Cable SATA 3

For some time , the storage devices have changed the default for the current SATA 2 SATA 3 . The new technology promised higher transfer rates , which made ​​many people buy a new HD or SSD for better performance .

Is that changing the pattern did not result in a change of the interface cable , ie , it is not necessary to have a " SATA 3 " cable for your HD work properly . The SATA 3 cable connections are identical to the 2 SATA cable, so there is no point you pay more for a component that performs the same task of the cable you already own.

Actually , the only thing that changes on a SATA 3 cable is that it comes with a little piece that helps to better secure the cable in HD . Although it does not cost very expensive , not worth anything you buy a SATA 3 cable. The important thing is to check if the motherboard and the hard drive are compatible .
3 . Dual -link DVI cable

DVI cables type Dual - link are not a scam . They really do exist ! However , proper care is taken when purchasing this type of cable , because you can end up taking a single- link home and not having the expected functionality ( Dual -link is for the use of higher resolutions ) .

In this case, the seller can easily mislead consumers because apparently these cables are equal. However, a false Dual-link, even if it brings the pins at the ends, will not have the necessary internal wiring, which will not be of any use to anyone needing a true dual-link.

It's always good search

Well, as you can see, the cables quoted here are not exactly false, but are components that are not useful, since they do not offer benefits. The idea here is to alert you to take care when buying and avoid some redundant or who are really useless products. Find information before it is fundamental!

Huawei launches MediaPad X1, the 7-inch tablet lightest on the market

Model weighs only 239 grams and also allows the user to make or receive calls

A tablet or smartphone with features of a smartphone with the size of a tablet? Huawei presented on Sunday morning (23) during their conference at MWC 2014, MediaPad tablet X1.

With 7-inch Full HD screen, the device that runs the Android operating system is distinguished by its low weight: only 239 grams, which makes it lighter than the ASUS models Fonepad 7, Kindle Fire and HDX7 Nexus 7. The X1 still has MediaPad 5,000 mAh battery, enough to beat its competitors in this regard also.

Other specifications include a 13 megapixel rear camera and front camera of 5 megapixels. The processor is a quad-core Cortex A9 1.6 GHz, and reveals even hardware GPU Mali-450 MP4, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

Compatible SIM card, the device also allows the user to make and receive calls, like on a smartphone. The MediaPad X1 will be available in China, Russia, Western Europe, Middle East, Japan and Latin American countries already in March. The suggested retail price is 399 euros (equivalent to R $ 1,290, excluding taxes).

Huawei MediaPad X1: Specifications

  •      Operating System: Android 4.3
  •      Screen: 7 inches
  •      Resolution: 1920x1200 pixels
  •      Processor: Quad-core Cortex A9 1.6 GHz
  •      GPU: Mali-450 MP4
  •      RAM: 1 GB
  •      Storage: 16 GB (expandable)
  •      Rear Camera: 13 megapixels
  •      Front Camera: 5 megapixels
  •      Battery: 5,000 mAh
  •      Weight: 239 grams

Amazing: see a dot matrix printer playing "Eye of the Tiger"

Apparatus converted into MIDI player plays up to 21 notes at the same time with good sound quality

Use old appliances as musical instruments is not exactly new , but the channel Vimeo MIDI Desaster innovated : the video above , you can see an entire song played by a dot matrix printer ( one that marks the ink on paper using needles and now and then is used in tax documents ) . This is the classic " Eye of the Tiger " , the band Survivor , which became famous for being part of the soundtrack of the movie " Rocky 3 - The Ultimate Challenge."

To make this possible , it was necessary to transform the 24-pin printer on a MIDI sound generator . The original device was attached to an ATMega 8 micro controller and a semiconductor chip FPGA , winning the functions of receiving messages from a MIDI file and convert each pulse signals to the needles .

The pulse is then converted to the movement of the needles and the sheet can be reduced (ie , reaches the paper with less force ) to decrease the volume or rate the song. Thus , from electronic noise , the device simulates the musical notes of truth.

Altogether, there are 16 channels of MIDI audio with built-in volume and tone , and speed settings for each note . Up to 21 notes can be played simultaneously.

Sony Xperia Z2: everything you need to know

Japanese company confirmed the launch of the second generation of its top of the line smartphone

Sony just held its conference at Mobile World Congress 2014, and , as promised , brought many innovations to the stage of the event held in Barcelona , Spain.

The main one is certainly the smartphone Sony Xperia Z2 , the newest generation of the top -line unit of the Japanese company. With few changes in design , the company has concentrated on upgrading the hardware product , turning it into one of the most powerful phones on the market .
4K recording and new display

The first innovation in this new generation is up to the 5.2-inch screen. The Xperia Z2 has a new IPS display Triluminos with a technology called Live Color LEDs , which results in displaying a palette of 16,777,216 colors . The resolution remains the same : 1920x1080 pixels . The size the device is the same and because of that there was a decrease at the edges .

Already there in the category hardware upgrades in virtually every respect . The new processor is a quad -core Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3 GHz 801 , there are 3 GB of RAM and a battery of 3,200 mAh previous model had a battery of 3,000 mAh ) . The weight of the handset is 158 grams - the former weighed 170 grams .

The operating system version is KitKat , ie Android 4.4 . There are some interface improvements and stamina so gained a + icon next to the battery . Like the Z1 , Z2 Xperia maintains the IP58 certification, which leaves the unit waterproof . The smartphone still uses the Digital Noise Cancelling Technology technology, which reduces up to 98 % of ambient noise .

The rear camera of Xperia Z2 allows video recording in 4K . The 20.7 -megapixel sensor was maintained , but added several features of the software in the camera Z2 as background blur effect augmented reality , slow motion recording and creative effect . According to the company , it is the best smartphone camera in the market to capture images underwater.
Software features to the camera

To improve the user experience , Sony includes a number of new features in the camera of Xperia Z2 . Many of them were already on the Xperia Z1 , but not natively. The features included are:

    Video Timeshift - allows video capture at up to 120 frames per second and chooses the most important scenes to prepare the video in slow motion ;
    Creative effect - a pack of new effects to apply to photos and videos . Some settings can be applied in real time;
    Background defocus - to simulate the effect of blurring the background in the images , creating scenes similar to those made with a professional camera ;
    AR effect - allows you to add animations in augmented reality -style in photos and videos .

In addition , there are several camera apps that can be downloaded by the user . Simply access the resource and click the " + Apps" button.


The Sony Xperia smartphone Z2 is due in U.S. stores now in the month of March. The final product price was not disclosed by the company .

Sony Xperia Z2: Specifications

  •      Operating System: Android 4.4
  •      Screen: 5.2-inch IPS
  •      Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
  •      Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3 GHz 801
  •      RAM: 3 GB
  •      Storage: 16 GB (expandable)
  •      Battery: 3,200 mAh
  •      Rear Camera: 20.7 megapixels
  •      Weight: 158 grams
  •      Features: waterproof, captures video in 4K

Post shows the visual back of the Galaxy S5

What was to be a hands-on about the new Gear 2 smartwatch probably ended up making the first  images of the smartphone Galaxy S5.

The video above was originally posted on Instagram, but was then removed. However, many other users who have access to images tried to reseat the post in the air, this time on YouTube.

In just 12 seconds you can see the bottom three smartphone models, in black, white and golden colors. Alternative color hit with major rumors published until now.

Real or fake, the truth about the new Galaxy S5 should be revealed on the afternoon of Monday (24) during the conference from Samsung. The event is scheduled for 16h (GMT) and will feature complete coverage of Technolsoft.

MWC 2014: Sony conference

Event is still surrounded in mystery, but one possibility is the announcement smartphone Xperia Z2

The Japanese company Sony introduces early on Monday their wares to the public. The conference also marks the opening week of the Mobile World Congress 2014 event held in Barcelona, Spain, between February 24 and February 27.

Much mystery still revolves around the news that Sony will bring to market, but a major betting sites is the launch of Xperia smartphone Z2. Rumored model with a 5.2-inch screen equipped with 800 Snapdragon processor.

So stay tuned. On Monday (24), from 4:30 am (GMT) Tecmundo bring the live coverage of the event, minute by minute, in the same post. Mark your calendar and save the link in your favorites!

All about buying WhatsApp by Facebook

Billion dollar transaction involving the two companies should have strong impact on the technology industry

The tech world was rocked on Monday night ( 19 ) by a billion dollar transaction : Facebook announced the purchase of WhatsApp for no less than $ 19 billion . Of this amount , $ 4 billion will be paid in cash , $ 12 billion in Facebook shares and another $ 3 billion in restricted shares will be divided among employees WhatsApp over the next four years .

The values ​​are high even for the technology industry , accustomed to bulky amounts . Purchases by Lenovo and Motorola Nokia by Microsoft , together totaling $ 10.09 billion . Marvel was sold to Disney for $ 4 billion . In a hypothetical scenario , if Facebook wanted to play all the costs of the World Cup in Brazil - until now budgeted at U.S. $ 33 billion ( equivalent to U.S. $ 13.8 billion ) - could do so peacefully and still have at least another $ 5 billion.
Why buy WhatsApp ?

Facebook is now the most popular social network on the planet with more than 1 billion users . Near that number , WhatsApp does ugly: are 450 million active users - representing about 37 % of the audience size of the social network .

More than that , WhatsApp is present in virtually all operating systems : Android , iOS , Windows Phone , BlackBerry , Symbian and Asha line , Nokia. According to information from the website Business Insider , 41 % of Android users , the operating system that accounts for 82 % of the smartphone market , count on the active WhatsApp on their phones .

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger , though popular tool is far from achieving such success . Taking into account only the Android , only 16% of users have Messenger installed and use the app frequently. In other words, if some tool could threaten the absolute dominance of Facebook in regards to communication tools , this company was not Google or Microsoft, but the WhatsApp messenger .
What changes for the consumer ?

As soon as the announcement of the purchase was disclosed in the technology websites , many users questioned about the direction that the Messenger and WhatsApp services should take . Inclusion of publicity and a possible integration between the two messengers are among the biggest fears and expectations of consumers .

However , according to statements of Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook CEO and Brian Acton , cofounder of WhatsApp in principle nothing should change . " WhatsApp will continue to operate independently . The product strategy remains unchanged and the entire staff of the tool will continue in Mountain View , "said Zuckerberg .

" Here is a list of things that will change for our users after purchase by Facebook : nothing," Acton said in a statement published on the blog of WhatsApp . "You may continue using WhatsApp for U.S. $ 1 per year - as it happens - and all other tools remain unchanged ," he added .

If we analyze what happened after the purchase of Instagram - to complete two years in the month of April - it is possible to imagine that the words of the leaders of the two companies are even true . Since then , the improvements gained Instagram , as the ability to post videos , and was also available for Windows Phone . Functioning as promised , remained independent of the social network .
In 2011 , WhatsApp worth $ 8 million

WhatsApp was created in 2009 by American Brian Acton and the Ukrainian Jan Koum , who currently holds the position of CEO. Both were employees of Yahoo! and ended up leaving the company to take care of their own projects .

The idea for the app came about when the gym that Jan Koum attended decided to ban the use of cellphones. He was bothered by the lost while playing sports and as an engineer, decided to find a solution to the problem links.

At the time the iPhone was the leading handset in the market and he bet that the concept revenge and soon all phones would become smartphones . In an interview , Koum said he hated the commercials that invaded the messengers and wanted her to stay away from that service .
" When you receive a message from the person you love, your family or your best friend , you must be able to respond immediately and can not be distracted by any advertising ," he said in an interview with Fast Company . " Smartphones are usually so small , so personal to put ads on that small screen does not seem right ," he added .
His disinterest in adverts is already long date from the time that still worked at Yahoo! as Vice President of Engineering . In an interview to the site in 2011 GigaOm , Koum and Acton described themselves as " people -focused , quiet and worried about making a product that works well ."

The Koum had a brilliant career ahead of WhatsApp, Acton Also has an impressive resume. As a programmer, he worked at Rockwell Engineering and later at Apple. Among the languages ​​you use que, are C, C + +, Perl, PHP, Erlang, Java and Python.

The success of WhatsApp does not seem to have changed very simple way of double. In 2012, after a visit to the headquarters of the press service, journalists Reported that Koum received visitors while barefoot Acton wore slippers.

Trivia aside, the fact is que together They created the company in 2011 that alone, and worth little more than $ 8 million. To reach the mark of $ 19 billion, it is Likely that They have hit a new record: WhatsApp is possibly the startup that had a more rapid appreciation of the history of Silicon Valley.

Founder of WhatsApp explains general failure on the last Saturday

Jam Koum states that the problem started on a router control, generating cascading effect on company servers

If you use WhatsApp , must have realized that on Saturday the system of sending and receiving messages was completely unstable - eventually being completely unavailable for several moments . Despite the jokes that circulated the Internet during the day , the problem had no connection with the purchase of the service by Facebook .

Jam Koum , CEO and founder of WhatsApp sent an email to The Verge site explaining all the details of the fall of service. He said the blackout was the largest and longest of all time , having affected all users of the service , with virtually no exceptions . And the whole problem originated in a network router .

This router would have caused a failure cascade in the WhatsApp network systems , directly affecting the servers . Koum not informed what the cause of this failure on the router , but ensures that it does not have relationships with advertising that WhatsApp was after the announcement of the acquisition , which rocked the market last week - and that could have caused overloading the servers.

To prevent further failures of this type happen , Koum claims that WhatsApp is taking steps to protect servers from possible general failures in the future. According to the Koum himself says , the service engineers are making sure that this will not happen again .

Blind Test: to what extent the resolution makes a difference in a cell?

We went to the streets to check closely the views of consumers and the result was surprising

Do you consider the screen resolution an important item on a smartphone ? The industry think your answer to this question is yes , and because of that , bet this technical feature as a major disclosure items of equipment .

At CES 2014 , for example , saw the trend of TV screens with resolutions 4K and even 8K , plus smartphones whose displays can display images up to 2K . Although most of the public take into account the final resolution of the screen before buying a new handset , does everyone can easily recognize how their true quality ?

To solve this question the Technolsoft took to the streets to talk directly with the public . The result of this experience is what you can see in this article .
What have we done ?

First chosen four smartphones depending on your screen resolution . For performing a blind test , we developed a five-minute video showing various pictures . A copy of this video was posted on the following phones:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 : screen resolution of 720x1080 pixels , pixel density of 306 ppi .
    Apple iPhone 5S : screen resolution of 640x1136 pixels , pixel density of 326 ppi .
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini : screen resolution of 540x960 pixels , pixel density of 256 ppi .
    One HTC : screen resolution of 1080x1920 pixels , pixel density of 469 ppi .

We cover all the information that could influence consumers in their choice , as the format of the device , manufacturer's name and even the operating system . As you can see in the picture above , just let the screens of the devices showing looping video . Brightness settings were adjusted maximum in all smartphones .

Because of the size difference between the screens, use the pixel density as a technical parameter. Therefore, the greater the density of pixels, at least in theory, the better the screen resolution of a smartphone. Thus, the correct ordering should be identified would be as follows: One HTC (469 ppi), iPhone 5S (326 ppi), Samsung Galaxy S3 (306 ppi) and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (256 ppi).

Technolsoft the streets

With all this preparation, we went to the streets to ask the public: which of these phones do you think has the best screen resolution? If you imagined that devices with higher resolution were identified easily, get ready for the surprise. In practice there was little doubt among the interviewees.

In the end , we interviewed 30 people . Most of them , 11 , chose the HTC One as the unit with better resolution - he was the only one among the four Full HD . However , 19 others have chosen one of the other three models as the one with better resolution . Remember that among them was a device with pixel density of just 256 ppi and he was cited as the best by 5 people .
Higher resolution

The final poll results looked like this:

    11 ( 36 % ) chose the HTC One ( Full HD - 469 dpi )
    9 ( 30 % ) chose the iPhone 5S ( 640x1136 - 326 dpi )
    5 (17%) chose S4 Flat ( 540x960 - 256 dpi)
    5 (17%) chose S3 (HD - 306 dpi)

When we asked the respondents to point the device with lower resolution had another surprise . Among the 30 survey respondents , 13 chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the screen with lower resolution . Only 5 showed the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini as the device with the resolution poorer picture . The HTC One , Full HD single list , was reported by 9 people as the weakest of the four .
Lower resolution

The final poll results looked like this:

    13 (43 %) chose S3 (HD - 306 dpi)
    9 ( 30 % ) chose the HTC One ( Full HD - 469 dpi )
    5 (17%) chose S4 Flat ( 540x960 - 256 dpi)
    3 ( 10 % ) chose the iPhone 5S ( 640x1136 - 326 dpi )

What lessons can we draw from this experience?

Obviously there is not a scientific character in the sample we did , but watch closely the perceptions of consumers about the quality of the display apparatus can lead us to some conclusions .

The first is : if you are thinking of buying a smartphone and the screen feels like an important item , not only keep an eye on the resolution. Find out what the pixel density of the product , that material is taken to screen and other technologies which are present for picture composition . In practice , it is possible to find a HD " better" than a Full HD screen if other items are not following the same quality level .

While industry targets the screen resolution to a differential sales - which proved to consumer opinion , because most of them think this important characteristic - in practice the situation is not so. When the screen resolution of HD passes , for example, the many differences almost cease to exist .

.....Now we want to know your opinion : do you consider the screen resolution a key feature on your smartphone ? Join leaving your opinion in the comments.

10 amazing facts about Bill Gates

Are there still closely guarded on the life of co-founder of Microsoft secrets?

He is a founder of Microsoft , is one of the creators of Windows, was once considered the richest man in the world and currently works in the technology that built the company board . Talking about Bill Gates is that repeat what everyone already knows , but one must know that the billionaire businessman - Programmer is much more than what we just said .

There is a lot of information about Bill Gates that are left in the plan when we speak of it , and several of them are very interesting . Was curious to know more about it ? Then check out some of the coolest facts about the man behind one of the largest of all time .

1. The first million before age 30 ? How about a thousand of them ?

Many people say they want to get to the " first million before age 30 ." Bill Gates also wanted it when he entered Harvard College , but went much further . At age 31 he had already accumulated more than a billion dollars - a thousand times more than I had planned on college. Another early achievement was the "partial retirement " after 52 years of age. Gates continues at Microsoft, but stopped to devote himself entirely to the company in 2008 .

2 . Large-scale Philanthropy

In 2008 Bill Gates stepped away from full time to Microsoft. He did this to dedicate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , a charity that keeps with his wife Melinda . And donates much of his money to charity and research against disease , Bill Gates also uses its influence to encourage others to do the same . In 2009 created The Giving Pledge campaign to convince other billionaires to donate their fortunes to help those in need.

3 . Heritage to the world

One of the greatest curiosities of Bill Gates is deeply connected to said in the previous topic . In several interviews granted around the world , Gates said he will not leave all your money to the children - saying it would not be good for the children and not to the world . He says that when you die , the money accumulated will be passed on to charities , leaving only the essentials for your children to live comfortably .

4 . " Only " the second richest

Between 1995 and 2007 , Bill Gates has reigned as the richest man in the world and rarely saw his threatened kingdom. But according to Forbes , the station is currently owned by Carlos Slim Helu , a Mexican businessman who has no less than $ 7 billion more than Gates . It is worth saying that the two have swapped positions a few times in recent years .

5 . The first software he did was " Tic Tac Toe "

At 13 years old , when I was learning the basics of programming in BASIC , Bill Gates decided to use binary codes to program something interactive and fun . With that, he wrote his first software code : Tic - Tac - Toe , the popular " hash " of the Brazilians.

6 . Bill Gates is an academic author

Although he dropped out of college at Harvard , Bill Gates was there long enough to become a published author in academia . In a class of combinatorial mathematics taught by Professor Harry Lewis , Gates managed to solve a very complex problem with innovative methods . The process was described in the article " Bounds for Sorting by Reversal prefixed " , published in the journal " Discrete Mathematics " .

7 . Bill Gates did not like speed limits

Before being a good boy philanthropist Bill Gates was a young man who liked to drive sports cars at high speeds . In 1977 , he was taken to the police station several times after getting caught in flagrant disregard for speed limits of the roads of New Mexico . One time , as shown in Wired , he was arrested for being without a driver's license.

8 . The most secretive wedding that money can buy

Bill Gates and Melinda French married in 1994. So how do actors and singers , Gates did not want photographers managed to capture the moments of your ceremony , so decided to invest all the money it took to maintain the secrecy of the marriage. For this, all vacant rented rooms in the hotel where he stayed and also all the helicopters in the region , so that no one could eavesdrop .

9. A favorite social network Bill Gates is Twitter

The co-founder of Microsoft has nothing against against Facebook or any other social network that exists in the world, but he prefers to use Twitter for a few reasons . The best known are the ease with which it can communicate its actions to the followers and also the fact that the Facebook friend requests out of hand very quickly .

10. Da Vinci manuscripts purchased for $ 30 million

A "work that is the constant search for knowledge." That's how Bill Gates describes the Codex Leicester, a compiled, drawings and manuscripts of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of the second millennium. In 1994, Gates compiled acquired for $ 30.8 million, revealing that the Italian is one of his greatest inspirations.


Liked to know a little more about one of the richest men in the world and one of the big names in technology? Some of the curiosities brought here were already aware of her?

Internet: how are the speeds in the main countries

Learn which nations have the fastest connections and which are still in the age of dial-up internet

Moreover , we bring the data on the amount of connections that are above 10 Mbps and a comparative to show how long it takes to upload a full HD video in each of these countries .
Global overview of the internet

Using more than one hundred countries for research , Akamai has collected data on the basis that the nations had at least 25,000 unique IP addresses. The document was constructed based on the statistics obtained during the third quarter of 2013 , with the latest figures were compared to 2012 to identify the growth rate .

Below , you can check the global average (which sum all speeds from all countries and divides by the number of participants ) and top 10 world with the fastest connection :

0 . Global - 3.6 Mbps ( 29 % growth over last year)
1. South Korea - 22.1 Mbps ( 51 % )
2 . Japan - 13.3 Mbps ( 27 % )
3 . Hong Kong - 12.5 Mbps ( 39 % )
4 . Netherlands - 12.5 Mbps ( 46 % )
5 . Switzerland - 11.6 Mbps ( 33 % )
6 . Czech Republic - 11.3 Mbps ( 49 % )
7 . Latvia - 11.1 Mbps ( 28 % )
8 . United States - 9.8 Mbps ( 31 % )
9. Belgium - 9.7 Mbps ( 46 % )
10 . Ireland - 9.6 Mbps ( 43 % )
The fastest connections in the world!

Besides finding the averages of countries , Akamai worked to find out which are the fastest connections in the world. Building on the peak velocity of the analyzed networks , the company managed to collect data and find out which are the fastest in the world.

As the company that made the data analysis , peak data connections can be more revealing about the capitals of the countries surveyed , as are the regions where people demand better connections and companies invest in better infrastructure .

1. Hong Kong - 65.4 Mbps
2 . South Korea - 63.6 Mbps
3 . Japan - 52 Mbps
4 . Singapore - 50.1 Mbps
5 . Israel - 47.7 Mbps
6 . Romania - 45.4 Mbps
7 . Latvia - 43.1 Mbps
8 . Taiwan - 42.7 Mbps
9. Netherlands - 39.6 Mbps
10 . Belgium - 38.5 Mbps

Absurd growth in Brazil

The report Akamai's brought a lot of interesting data , but certainly the information about the Brazil noteworthy (something that the very supplier of data highlights several times throughout the document ) .

The first thing worth mentioning with regard to the number of IPs in our country . Still we introduce a well shy number ( only 34 million IPs ) than in the United States ( that is on top with 158 million IPs ) , we are the country with the highest growth in IPv4 technology.

From one year to another , the number of IPv4 addresses has increased by 52 % , which shows that more and more Brazilians are gaining access to the global network . On our tail , we have India and China, which showed annual growth of 32 % and 17 % respectively.
Slow adoption of IPv6

When dealing with the issue of new technology , Brazil is still among the most technological countries . According to data from Akamai , the top 3 in the matter of IPv6 addresses is for Romania , Switzerland and France .

Even the United States and Japan do not show strong adherence to such a novelty , and the data traffic is not even 5 % in those nations ( the U.S. , only 4.2 % of the connections use this technology in Japan and the number drops to 1 , 9%) .

Although we are not as tuned in new technologies, we have an institution that stands against foreign. According to the report, the State University of Ponta Grossa ranked first among the universities with the highest percentage of IPv6 connections, reaching a staggering 80% of IPv6 addresses.
How is your connection?

As you can see, the situation in Brazil is not the best, but at least we're not last in the ranking. Your internet connection is according to the collected data or your carrier offers more robust plans? Stay tuned because soon we will bring an article talking about the situation of mobile connections worldwide.

You're quick on the keyboard? Then see this Korean playing

After this video, you'll understand why many leave the room to see that the opponent will be a Korean

Every player, to start the journey in his first game online, have difficulty in adapting to the commands, but temporarily. Shortly after the majority is already pressing keys quickly, but a few may reach the level of what is seen in the video that opens this news.

The filmed player, known as Losira, StarCraft II veteran is. Apart from knowledge in the game universe, amazes the speed with which he performs his actions - and does anyone dares to tell how many moves he makes per minute?

Discover why the "little arrow" of your mouse be tilted

Answer to this question comes from the times when the computer still had fairly low resolution image

Perhaps you've noticed that the cursor of your mouse (that famous little arrow) is tilted, is not it? However, the quantity of people who wondered why she was so - not straight, pointing up - it's pretty small. Thus, the explanation for this question is not very widespread.

Turns out there's a very practical reason for the cursor to be the way it is - and it is from the time the computer was taking its first steps. To begin with, as you might guess, the first computers and electronic devices relied on bad graphics, as well as a fairly low resolution image.

A problem of "view"

Discover why the (Image Source : Reproduction / Gujjufreak )

Perhaps you've noticed that the cursor of your mouse ( that famous little arrow ) is tilted , is not it ? However, the quantity of people who wondered why she was so - not straight , pointing up - it's pretty small . Thus , the explanation for this question is not very widespread .

Turns out there's a very practical reason for the cursor to be the way it is - and it is from the time the computer was taking its first steps . To begin with , as you might guess , the first computers and electronic devices relied on bad graphics, as well as a fairly low resolution image .
A problem of "view "

Discover why the (Image Source : Reproduction / StackExchange )

At the time described above , the arrows were straight , pointed at the top of your screen ( in the way that many people nowadays think it should be) . The problem is that when the machine was built XEROX PARC , it was found that the poor image quality ended up creating a simple problem and at the same time important .

Because of the pixilated and blurry images , it was difficult to differentiate the cursor rest of the information that appeared on the screen , since it seemed to be just another feature - you can check this " effect " in the image above. It is also worth mentioning that the mouse and the " little arrow " have patents noting that its inventor is Douglas Engelbart , created in the 1970s .
Necessary changes ...

After noting this display problem , Engelbart done some research and found that the cursor tilted 45 degrees to the left would be easier to be seen by users of computers of the time ( for the sake of contrast) , and would also be easier to be produced. And of course this idea was adopted .

At first , only the Xerox started working with the inclined arrow , but other large companies have adopted this " technique " , such as Microsoft and Apple . With this, the cursor as we know now spread across the world and was very well received , so it is pretty much the same for decades .

How to Attract More readers to your blog?

A very useful and functional way is to insert a signature box Feed and makes it easy for users of your website / blog stay current on their content, and bring more visitors to your blog, because the user will not have to visit your blog every hour to see if new content has just access the feed that is much more practical, we will see below how to insert a box of these on my blog.

1 - Login to Blogger

2 - Go Layout/Design-> Edit HTML

3 - Using the CTRL and F keys look for the following snippet in your blog:
<style type="text/css">
.subbox{width:305px;border:0 solid #141414;overflow:hidden}
.addthis_toolbox{padding:15px 0 5px 0;text-align:center}
.addthis_toolbox .custom_images a{width:32px;height:32px;margin:0 4px 0 4px;padding:0}
.addthis_toolbox .custom_images a:hover img{opacity:1}
.addthis_toolbox .custom_images a img{opacity:0.85}
.rssbox{background:#f7f6f6;border:1px solid #ccd1d7;padding:5px 10px;margin:10px 0 0 0;-moz-border-radius:10px;-khtml-border-radius:10px;-webkit-border-radius:10px;border-radius:10px;width:125px}
.rssbox:hover{border:1px solid #92aed1}
.rssbox a{color:#7c8a9b;text-transform:uppercase;text-decoration:none;font:bold 12px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif}
.rssbox a:hover{color:#7c8a9b;text-decoration:underline}
.emailsbox{background:#f7f6f6;border:1px solid #ccd1d7;padding:5px 10px;margin:10px 0 0 0;-moz-border-radius:10px;-khtml-border-radius:10px;-webkit-border-radius:10px;border-radius:10px;width:125px}
.emailsbox:hover{border:1px solid #92aed1}
.emailsbox a{color:#7c8a9b;text-transform:uppercase;text-decoration:none;font:bold 12px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif}
.emailsbox a:hover{color:#7c8a9b;text-decoration:underline}
.twitterbox{background:#f7f6f6;border:1px solid #ccd1d7;padding:5px 10px;margin:10px 0 0 0;-moz-border-radius:10px;-khtml-border-radius:10px;-webkit-border-radius:10px;border-radius:10px;width:125px}
.twitterbox:hover{border:1px solid #92aed1}
.twitterbox a{color:#7c8a9b;text-transform:uppercase;text-decoration:none;font:bold 12px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif}
.twitterbox a:hover{color:#7c8a9b;text-decoration:underline}
.facebookbox{background:#f7f6f6;border:1px solid #ccd1d7;padding:5px 10px;margin:10px 0 0 0;-moz-border-radius:10px;-khtml-border-radius:10px;-webkit-border-radius:10px;border-radius:10px;width:125px}
.facebookbox:hover{border:1px solid #92aed1}
.facebookbox a{color:#7c8a9b;text-transform:uppercase;text-decoration:none;font:bold 12px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif}
.facebookbox a:hover{color:#7c8a9b;text-decoration:underline}
#search{width:290px;padding:2px 2px;background:#f7f6f6;border:1px solid #ccd1d7;height:28px;margin-top:0;margin-left:5px;display:inline;float:left}
#search:hover{border:1px solid #92aed1}
#search form{margin:0;padding:0}
#search fieldset{margin:0;padding:0;border:none}
#search p{margin:0;font-size:85%}
#s{width:200px;margin:0 0 0 0;padding:5px 5px 5px 5px;border:none;font:normal 80% &quot;Tahoma&quot;,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;color:#000;float:left;background:#f7f6f6;display:inline}
input#searchsubmit{float:right;display:inline;margin:0 0 0 0;height:28px;background:#b2b2b2;color:#000;border:0 solid #222}
4) Save.

5) Now go Layout/Design-> Page Elements-> Add Gadget> HTML / JavaScript, and add the following snippet modifying the following data:

<div class="subbox">
<div id='search' style='display:inline;'>
<form action='/search' id='searchform' method='get'>
<input id="s" name="q" onblur="if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Procurar...&quot;;}" onfocus="if (this.value == &quot;Procurar...&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}" type="text" value="Procurar..." />
<input id="searchsubmit" type="submit" value="Search" />
<td><div class="rssbox">
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="" alt="RSS Feed" title="RSS Feed" style="vertical-align:middle; margin-right: 5px;border:none;" /></a><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">RSS Feed</a>
<td><div class="emailsbox">
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Replace in-Feedburner ID, its name FeedBurner Feed usually is at the end of the URL and look at the example of our blog: / Technolsoft bold is our name Feed. On TWITTER-USERNAME, substitute your login name Twitter, which you use to promote, eg Technolsoft or @ Technolsoft. And on FACEBOOK-USERNAME, substitute your username facebook if you're unsure replace the complete url.

6) Save and preview.

Google Earth 7 now available (free)

The program brings a lot of new stuff including integration with the "Street View", where it is now possible to walk the streets in great detail. Also at a very interesting resource of 3D trees, which give more reality to image view, so the user has a very lively and richly detailed experience.

To download now access the site from Google Earth and enjoy getting to know these and other new releases of the Software. Below you can see the video presentation of the program:

Download Google Earth 7

Counter for individual posts of Blogger - PHP / MYSQL

After many requests by e - mail I decided to create this tutorial to explain how to do this counter that I have here on the Blog . I tried to make it available for everyone , plus my server did not support this feat , so I will teach you install it on your own server so you can enjoy it better. The counter is basically done in " PHP " and uses a " database" , if you have doubts about the possibility of doing this in your hosting ask you contact their support and check it . I want to remember that this script credits go to the creator Ashu . See below how to :

1 - Download the script to your computer and extract it to a folder . The extracted file will have the php extension.

2 - Go to the control panel of your hosting , and create a new database named " bloggercounter " without quotes . Now go to the page and click on phpMyAdmin database created , and then click the SQL icon and enter the following code :

CREATE TABLE `bloggercounter`.`counter` (


`name` VARCHAR( 1000 ) NOT NULL ,



Click "Run".

3 - Open with notepad the file counter.php downloaded in the "Step 1" and edit the following lines:

$username = "YOUR-USERNAME"; // Enter Your Username and Password Here
$password = 'YOUR-PASSWORD'; // Enter Your Username and Password Here
$database = 'YOUR-COUNTER-DATABASE'; //Enter Your Database Name Here
$table = "YOUR-COUNTER-TABLE"; //Enter Your Counter Table Name Here
After finding the lines, edit the words in red with your hosting login, edit the words in orange with the password of your hosting, edit the words in green putting the following information: bloggercounter seen in step 2. In the passage in blue enter the following: counter. Save the file with the changes.

4 - Send the file to your hosting. Now insert the link to the file in the following excerpt:

<script src="http://sua-hospedagem/counter.php" type="text/javascript"></script>
5 - Now just follow this tutorial created here on the blog, just remembering to replace the words appearing there for this that you created in step 4.