How To Start A Blog - - How To Make A Website

 The beginning of the year is always a time for change , whether in personal life or at work, etc. . We can also say that this also applies to blogs because if your blog was not very good in the year that has passed , it may be that he has a chance to improve this year , so today I created this post to a retrospective of tips will make your blog a success . See below for links and synopsis of each of the posts :

1 - Start the year changing everything in your blog , look, content (if needed ) , learn these and other tips in this post : Change the contents of the blog , it works ? .
2 - Feed , this is an easy way to attract readers to your blog so because this comes quickly to the reader , in email , in Feed , etc player. See how to insert a subscription box on your blog Feed : Attracting more readers to your Feed .
3 - Meta tags , this is also an easy to spread through your posts , because it facilitates the reader find your content using search engines , in this post you will see how to optimize your blog for meta tags : Turn your categories in Meta tags (keywords) - Blogger / SEO .
4 - Domain itself, it undoubtedly brings a big improvement to your blog because your blog will leave a thing created by chance, to a slightly more professional blog to know more about the field , read this post : Self-Control or Blogspot subdomain ? .
5 - Template , not only lives a blog content , appearance and ease of navigation are factors that directly contribute to the amount of visits your blog gets , so if you think your layout is not good or that your navigation is heavy , consider change the template for this we need some themes for your blog : Templates