Infinite Score: see how people stole score in the Flappy Bird

Discover how to achieve absurd scores without any skill with the game


You know that friend who managed a modest mark of 100,000 points in Flappy Bird? Yeah , it may be a "surprise " , but chances are that he cheated to get it.

" But then how he did it , Technolsoft  ? " You ask . The answer is not a secret technique or take advantage of a glitch in the game to get avoid the obstacles to perfection . Who did it simply changed the programming Flappy Bird for that score was shown that.
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For those who want to do the same - whether to gloat or to avenge that your friend with a higher score - just follow the steps below , discovered by Android Central site :
  •     Before you can change the setting of the game , you need to have an Android rooteado . To learn more , click here and follow the tutorial that is shown ;
  •     With your Android rooteado , open Flappy Bird and play at least one match ;
  •     Close the application through the list of running applications ;
  •     Open a file explorer that supports root and enable the tool to explore root ( the function name may vary according to the application ) ;
  •     Select Local path > Device to reach the base of the system. Here , go to the Data folder > Data > com.dotgears.flappy > shared_prefs ;
  •     Run the " FlappyBird.xml " item , select the editor of your file explorer ;
  •     Open the editor options and select the " Edit " option ;
  •     On the fourth line , find the code ( without quotes ) " " . Delete the " your_shitty_score " and enter the desired amount of your score ;
  •     Save the changes , exit the application and close the browser .

By doing so , all that remains to be done is to open the Flappy Bird and play a game . No matter how well you go out, the result will be exactly the one you ordered .

If you want to not have so much work just to " impress " his friends ( face it: no one will believe that you might have done even 50 points in this game , so who will tell 99 000 ) , another solution is to follow the tips that gave some Tecmundo days ago . And if all else fails , there's always like taking more drastic measures to put an end to Flappy Bird ...