Amazing: see a dot matrix printer playing "Eye of the Tiger"

Apparatus converted into MIDI player plays up to 21 notes at the same time with good sound quality

Use old appliances as musical instruments is not exactly new , but the channel Vimeo MIDI Desaster innovated : the video above , you can see an entire song played by a dot matrix printer ( one that marks the ink on paper using needles and now and then is used in tax documents ) . This is the classic " Eye of the Tiger " , the band Survivor , which became famous for being part of the soundtrack of the movie " Rocky 3 - The Ultimate Challenge."

To make this possible , it was necessary to transform the 24-pin printer on a MIDI sound generator . The original device was attached to an ATMega 8 micro controller and a semiconductor chip FPGA , winning the functions of receiving messages from a MIDI file and convert each pulse signals to the needles .

The pulse is then converted to the movement of the needles and the sheet can be reduced (ie , reaches the paper with less force ) to decrease the volume or rate the song. Thus , from electronic noise , the device simulates the musical notes of truth.

Altogether, there are 16 channels of MIDI audio with built-in volume and tone , and speed settings for each note . Up to 21 notes can be played simultaneously.