End Flappy Bird is used to spread malware for Android

Post Flappy Bird have been removed from the iTunes App Store and Google Play for being "too addictive " ( words of the developer Dong Nguyen ) , many false applications began to spread through the Google service . Using names that resemble the original game , these software are being used to install malware on Android based operating system devices . 

Sophos describes one of these harmful apps disguises herself as a "Trial Version " of the title : when opened, the application requires sending a text message to a number outside that normal use of the infected device is released. Have Trend Micro claims to have detected several apps with similar behavior being reported in unofficial stores based in Russia and Vietnam .While some of these malware behave identically to the original Flappy Bird , they connect silently to Google Cloud Messaging to receive instructions from a remote server . 

From this, the infected machine starts to send text messages ( notifications whose associates are hidden automatically ) and transmits information related to the phone number and carrier used in addition to sending the list of Gmail addresses registered by the device .In general , the threats found treat only new versions of malware known among users of Android . However , thanks to the recent popularity of the game , it will not be surprising if many people discover infected by these viruses in an attempt to find a functional file title.