Koreans are betting on the look of the new Samsung Galaxy S5

With an accurate record of predictions, Move Player presents a concept of the new handset from Samsung


Amidst all the new rumors about the Galaxy S5 , many try to imagine what will be the design of the new device from Samsung . This excitement , the Korean website Moves Player presented a concept for the upcoming smartphone company - but what is the history leaves no doubt hit the website, which in the past has successfully predicted the look of several other Samsung models even before they be released .

In the image , the Move proposes that the Galaxy Player S5 will have softer corners than previous models and a new TouchWiz interface. The physical button on the main page is still present but a little smaller than the old appliances .

Remember that as well as the first leaked images of the iPhone 6 , the model established by the Koreans may be false . But while no other information belies this look , we wonder if the folks at Move Player hit again in the concept or not .