Kaspersky found more than 10 million malware for Android

Only in January 2014 the famous group identified more than 200,000 malicious applications


When it comes to protection against malicious programs or applications , it is good to pay attention and not leave much open guard using the same cell . Who enforces this warning is Kaspersky , which recently published a report on its website showing that the group met on Android more than 10 million malware -infected applications . Of this total , 200 000 new samples were identified in January this year, a 34 % higher number compared to November 2013.

It may be hard to believe a statistic that indicates a large number - after all , Google itself offers Play in all about 1.1 million applications . But the group reinforces that besides the official store of Google , there are numerous other unofficial apps that offer services , and exactly therein lies the great danger of being infected cell .

Malicious developers take advantage of the market for smartphone apps is growing steadily and there are few tools that investigate the threats that the appliance can be . Using the name of famous games or other popular applications , criminals have access to private user data , the credentials of the bank and even the money into her account .
Prevention measures

Following the famous adage "better safe than sorry ," the group concludes with some warnings for those who constantly download new applications on mobile phones. Check out :
  •     Never enable " developer mode " on the device ;
  •     Not activate the option " install third party applications " ;
  •     Download only official channels or certificates apps market applications ;
  •     When installing a new application , read carefully the requests of the program ;
  •     Use an antivirus .