Facebook now offers a choice of custom genre in profile

Choices as transgender may already be selected for the profile of the social network, but option is only available for users in the United States

Walking along with the LGBT movement, Facebook announced a new option to allow users to customize their gender in the social network. Now, beyond the possibilities of "masculine" and "feminine", you can choose a third category: "other," which opens this way a menu with 10 settings genre such as "transgender" and "intersex".

Users can also select how they would like to be pronounced by the site, using masculine, feminine or neuter pronouns. The options are available only for the profiles of the United States, but Facebook plans to expand the classification "in the future".

To commemorate the occasion, the social network raised a flag with the colors of the rainbow in their headquarters, located in Menlo Park, California. "We recognize that some people face challenges sharing her true gender to the other, and this option gives people the ability to express in an authentic way," comments through their Facebook page.