Android: how to create small animated montages

With the application SKIT!, You will be able to create simple presentations to send to your friends, make some kind of joke or tribute


Imagine you are surfing the internet and discovers that anniversary is a dear friend or a family member . You would like to have something special for minimally that person but your Android device does not have any application that will allow the production of such content . Annoying, is not it?

It turns out that you can use different programs that this situation is resolved . One is called SKIT ! Animated Video Maker . Just as the name might let indicated, the function of this tool is to allow you to produce small animated montages, resulting in something somewhat similar to a GIF .

For that to happen , you can use photographs , phrases and different elements to compose the image . Besides all this , the work process is not very complicated or even time-consuming , so you 'll end up with a mount ready in minutes - it is logical that this time depends on your creativity .

As explained above , you need to download the application SKIT ! on your Android device . By clicking the button below , you will access the page of  Play Store , which enables downloading and reading the analysis made by the site staff .

Mount the scenes you want

Once you open the application in question, three alternative navigation are given. The "Explore" allows you to check the mounts of another person, "Learn" features a short video tutorial that works like and, finally, "Create" takes you to the window where the establishment receives "life" (this last touch ).

In the new window that opens, you will find a blank space . To add content to it , you must tap the button in the lower right of your screen , represented by three blue lines corner. By doing this, a bar will appear with several figures that you can add to your assembly, like animals and phrases
Placing these items on the desktop is simple : touch them and drag your finger to the desired part - with pincer movements , you can change the size of the figures . If you drag the bar to the right characters , a magnifying glass will be found . Touching it, you will search for new resources within the database SKIP ! .
Things do not end here

However , you can still do more . Playing represented by " + " symbol, the lower left corner of the screen , there are different alternatives button import . Thus , there is how to import images from Facebook, the gallery of your device and even create drawings for use , as you can check in the image below .

When you have included all the elements that you want , including photos as background , it is time to choose the effects . Beside the desktop , there are two buttons quadriculares . The left works with colors , allowing you to make the image look black white, in negative tones , among other effects .

Meanwhile , the right button adds animation effects such as snow , rain, falling leaf , hearts and psychedelic lights . Once all this is done, click the button that looks like a balloon talk ( at the top of the screen ) to save your work . To share , just touch represented by an arrow (upper right corner) and send via Facebook or email.