How to download the game Flappy Bird in Android

Desperate because the game was taken off the air? Do not worry, you can still have access to the game in two ways

In recent days one game with extremely simple and completely free graphs has become one of the most commented subjects on the internet . Flappy Bird got to bring in $ 50,000 per day for the creator of the game , in an outbreak , decided to make the game much air the App Store as Google Play .

If you missed the thread and could not download the game on time , do not worry . You can still have access to Flappy Birds in two other ways . Follow our tutorial and prepare to embark on an extremely addictive game .
Enabling installation of apps via unknown sources

This is the first step in the application installation is successful . Go to " Settings " , then " Security " and enable the option to install applications from unknown sources .
Flappy Birds via Amazon Store

First you need to download the Amazon app store . To do this , go to this link and download the file and install it on your device. After completing the process , log in with your Amazon account . If you do not have , you will need to create one.

The next step is to download the game - and this is where the surprise is. Inside the store look for the game "Mario's Preson Bird" and click to download it. Follow the step by step instructions for installing and ready. You just installed Flappy Birds on your device.
Flappy Birds via APK

The second alternative is via APK. All you need to do is download the file available at this link. Then send it to your email. Then have the device, download the file available and ready in your email. You just installed Flappy Birds on your device.