LG G Flex arrives in World in March for 2699 $

Sales begin in the stores of the manufacturer. Value is the unlocked handset

LG has announced the release date and the initial selling price of the smartphone G Flex , the curved device that also has a regeneration technology against risks . According to the manufacturer, the product will be available from the second week of March in LG Mobile Stores, which are the company's own stores .

A week later, he is now also sold in virtual retail stores and partners of LG . Finally , physical stores have the G Flex from the end of next month . The price of the handset unlocked ( ie no plans of operators ) is R $ 2,699 .

The LG G Flex is one of the first models in the market to present the curved design , with this characteristic applied to the screen and battery. Besides being stylish , the look is more comfortable for people who watch the videos by phone and talk to him near the ear , since the speakers are better positioned .

The regeneration device has been proven even in testing. It also features the Smart Button , a physical button that can receive various functions on the device . This technology is also " Knock On " , the unlock method with two taps on the screen that became known in the LG G2 .