RoboCop: the sinister robotic technologies vigilante [graphic]

Meet the main technologies in the body's most famous cyber cop movie

On Friday, February 21 , the cinemas of world received the debut of the new version of one of the major films of the 1980s . You might guess that we're talking about RoboCop , work directed by Brazilian Jose Padilha and can become one of the greats of geek culture in 2014 . But what is so interesting in the new cyborg cop?

Some say the new RoboCop is a mix between Iron Man - in relation to the technology used , it is logically valid on a scale much closer to reality - and Tropa de Elite . This second item would direct influence of the director, who also directed the two Brazilian films and may have left the cop Murphy arrived with some traces of the BOPE .

But here in Tecmundo our focus is technology , so we will restrict ourselves to examine this point in the Jose Padilha film. Are you curious to know a little more about the main technological paraphernalia that Murphy carries on crime ? So let's figure this out together!

Warning: this article may contain spoilers for those who have not watched the new movie RoboCop .
Armour generation

Murphy 's armor can be considered part of your body , since it is composed of bionic parts that replace their members and even some organs . It is for this reason that RoboCop is not a robot , but a cyborg - since this designation adds any human who use cybernetic parts to facilitate or expand human capacities .

In the film this year , the word " graphene " was not mentioned , but it is quite evident the influence of the material composition of the armor Murphy . The nanotech material is able to withstand 200 times more power than a protection made ​​of steel , remembering that this still means six times less weight . That's exactly what offer the bionic parts RoboCop .

The helmet also has police tracking technologies that allow rapid identification of threats . Just that viewers do a quick scan for display names and police records of each of the faces scanned by the system . In large crowds of people , it becomes much easier to find a suspect RoboCop , for example.
Implants and transfusions

Because of injuries caused by the explosion , Murphy had to go through a series of bionic implants in their body parts . The big problem is that what little is left of the human body the police identifies these implants as foreign agents and combating the pieces as if they were one large infection, which weakens his forces . What is the trick to keep alive RoboCop ? A " docking station " capable of injecting nutrients and make " hemodialysis " full cyborg.
A police officer with a will ?

Some of the main components of cyber RoboCop chips are implanted in your brain . It is through these equipments the department responsible can control some of the actions of Murphy . Because of this , many times it is possible to compare the RoboCop with police - drones that can be developed in the coming decades .
Guns Murphy

There are a lot of weapons displayed during the movie released recently. Some of the main ones are the NI -408 pistol and battle rifle M2 . The first item mentioned is focused on the fighting in agglomerations , since it uses non-lethal ammunition neuromuscular incapacitation . In simpler terms , it is about an immobilizer pistol.

Have the rifle M2 works with much more power . He shoots projectiles .50 Beowulf high impact and firepower . Unlike pistol ammunition NI -408 , the shots fired by M2 are lethal and dangerous , and therefore directed to use against threats already identified . The M2 rifle is capable of carrying up to 30 bullets in the loader, which means great results in battles assault .

Have you watched the new RoboCop ? Does the technologies it uses are able to transform it into a more efficient soldier against crime or investment in something like this would not be compensated ?