Variables Blogger URL, Iframe and Script - Part I

Variables Blogger are a way we can make our blog integrates multiple services without us having to modify them for each posting , this means that we have an automated and dynamic platform , but we have to know them to create functions based on URL , scripts and iframes . Today we will see how to integrate these functions to our blog . In a previous post I explained how to integrate easily to a variable of type Script (no URL ) , ie the complete scripts directly posted in HTML :

Blogger HTML Variables
identifying Variables

The first step to join variables to a URL of iframe , script or links , is to identify what needs to be replaced , we will take as an example a simple code used twitter to send the links to microblog postings , see :

<a href = class = " twitter -share -button " data- url = " " data- text = " Google " data- count = "vertical " > Tweet < / a > <script type="text/javascript" src=""> < / script >

Note that the address of Google is a variable because we want it to be replaced by the link to the posting shall make for Twitter, see what Google is also the title of the address , in his place we want the title of our post.
Knowing the variables

Variables Blogger are very simple look :

Posting variables :

date : post - > All variables start posting so now see the attributes

    Date : post.title - displays the post title
    Date : post.url - displays the URL of the post
    Date : - displays the poster

Applying the variables

Let's apply the variables that previous script , see how it looks :

<a href = class = " twitter -share -button " expr : data- url = 'data : post.url ' expr : data- text = 'data : post.title ' date count = " vertical" > Tweet < / a > <script type="text/javascript" src=""> < / script >

Note that replaced the Google address corresponding to the URL variable , also see the Google title was replaced by the corresponding title variable. Before the start of each attribute add the term expr : it functions as an activator of the variables without the variables it would be interpreted as text , so it is very important to add it .

In the next post we will see how to add direct URL variables in ...