The World's Biggest Supercranes

A crane is a remarkable piece, no matter its size, but some can be even more striking - and heavy - than others. Are true monsters of stainless steel that rise to sustain and build a wide variety of materials around the world, and we list some of the biggest here.

Altogether, we chose eight cranes that weigh heavily, are tall and long, in addition to having a vast ability to lift things off the ground. They are on the land and on water, and can also be fixed or mobile.

1. LR 13000

A giant erected at the Port of Indiana, United States, in 2012, the LR 13000 is the model of the German Liebherr on our list. Weighing 8250 tons, it is installed in a space the oil company British Petroleum, UK.

He is able to lift a weight from the floor of 3000 tons, which is equivalent to six Boeing 747 planes loaded with the maximum that each aircraft can support. Its base measures 219 meters, while it can exceed 250 feet in height.
2. Bigge125D AFRD

Built for the Shaw Group for two nuclear power plants in the United States, Bigge125D AFRD also ranks as one of the largest crane in the world. He is able to raise the soil incredible 7500 tons.

By default, it comes with a fixed boom that gives the handset is 171 meters high. However, the 125D can receive reinforcement of a boom of 91 meters, thus reaching 262 meters. To be built, this monster cost $ 50 million, about 120 million real.
3. Sany SCC36000


The SCC36000, Sany, is the first Chinese super Guindaste to enter the market. He had a cost of $ 40 million (about U.S. $ 95 million) to build and is capable of lifting the load floor up to 3.6 tons. He stands out as one of the largest mobile crane in the world.
 4. Asian Hercules II

With cost revolving around U.S. $ 143 million (over U.S. $ 340 million dollars), the Asian Hercules II is the largest floating crane in the world. It measures over 80 feet long and over 40 feet tall, weighing 5900 tons - and it all floats.

5. Saipem 7000

The Saipem 7000 was originally designed to be a ship-crane, but since 1999 he has equipment for launching and handling of pipelines in deep waters. It weighs 4500 tons and has two cranes with booms over 150 meters high each. Each able to lift 7000 tons of soil, and the estimated construction cost of this little beauty is $ 400 million (something close to U.S. $ 1 billion).

6. SSCV Thialf

The Thialf, the SSCV, is the largest crane vessel in the world, ahead even of the Saipem 7000. It was built in 1985 and has two cranes that together can lift off the ground 14 200 tons to 31.2 meters. Within this real offshore platform can accommodate 736 people.

7. Taisun

The Taisun is located in China and is probably the strongest crane across this list - and the world too. Yantai Raffles Shipyard built by the machine can lift 20,000 tons of soil in an instant, which perfectly explains the fact that this is the largest gantry crane in the world.

It is 133 meters tall and is capable of lifting all that weight up to a maximum height of 80 meters. The Taisun was used for setting the world record for the most weight lifted by a crane, registered in the Chinese province of Yantai, in 2008, when they were elevated 20.133 metric tons of ground.
 8. Kockums Crane

The Kockums Crane, the Swedish Kockums is currently located in South Korea and raised in 1973-74. He is on this list just by seniority / capacity ratio, since four decades ago it was created and was able to lift 1500 ton in minutes.

It has 138 meters, works in a radius of 710 meters and was used until 1997. During its time of operation, the Kockums Crane helped build 75 vessels. Altogether, this "grandpa" steel weighs 7500 tons.