How to Increase Your Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is becoming a means of disseminating good here in Brazil , because of the high commitment of service by Brazilian , so it is interesting to us bloggers we use this medium to improve hits on our blogs . I will give some of disclosure is starting . But before I begin I wanted to apologize to everyone for the delay in publication of articles , the main reason was my entrance to the course " Computer Technician " , in JF IFET , but now I will start the blog , and I promise many novelties.

1 - Create a Facebook page :

Create a page means creating a space where you can publicize your blog posts and news present in it . The step- by-step , to create the network itself is available please see the following link - > Create a Facebook page , a serious step .

2 - Add the Like Button on your Blog :

The tanning button makes your postings become known by Internet users who access Facebook, to install on your blog , follow the steps in this post - > Like Button / Recommend Facebook - Blogger

Well these are the tips in the next post we will see some tips .

Using Facebook to increase your hits - Part II