Former Apple designer harshly criticizes the work practices of the company

For many people who follow the world of technology , working at companies like Apple can be considered a great opportunity - and there is doubtful that many company officials believe living in a dream job . However , as is common to any company , all employees are not coming out of Cupertino pleased with the way we were treated .

This is the case of Jordan Price, who worked as a designer of mobile platforms for the company - function that he considered just awful . In an update on the recently published Medium blogging platform , he wrote about the harsh conditions that forced him to resign from his post .

" So I started there. Immediately, I was uncertain as to rigid schedules and long commute times , but at least I could be one of those notorious people in the technology industry going back and forth from San Francisco in a private bus with WiFi , "wrote Price. "I hardly ( I mean almost never) saw my daughter during the week because the times were so inflexible . Also had a substantial discount of salary, but I thought I was making an investment career long plan to work for such a prestigious company , "he adds .

" My entry was Super problematic , since they had so many passwords , accounts and logins and it took almost a month for me to get into the server . There were meetings all the time that hindered the productivity of all , but they seemed a necessary evil in a company as large and as high quality products . It was boring, but I thought that would be problematic in the long term , "continues the designer .
authoritarian boss

Price asserts that the real problems began to arise when he realized that his boss was not acting in a professional manner and had a habit of regularly insult anyone who possessed a post below . " My immediate boss , who had a habit of making personal insults disguised as jokes to anyone below him , he began to direct and indirect insults toward me ," said the former employee .

He started saying that my contract would not be renewed if I did or did not do certain things , "wrote designer . " It was ( literally) behind me like a boss straight out of Dilbert and pressured me to complete some mundane task of design that he considered it necessary to examine urgently . He was democratic about his authoritarianism and rude comments , but that did not make me feel better when they were directed to members of my team . "

" I felt more like a teenager working in a function horrible than a professional participating in one of the largest technology companies in the world sales ," said Price. After several attempts to hold office , the designer chose to leave the company in order to " keep your sanity ."