IBM's new chip promises 400 Gbps internet

Prototype uses energy intelligently and can download 160GB in a few seconds

As per the reports from Akamai , which country has the fastest connections in the world is South Korea , which sits atop the rankings with an average speed of 22.1 Mbps .

This already seems fast compared to what many Brazilians use . The Google Fiber project goes beyond and can offer speeds up to 1 Gbps , something unimaginable to mere mortals .

If this already seems very fast , the latest breakthrough from IBM can surprise the world . According to ZDNet News , the company recently introduced in Switzerland , a prototype of an ADC ( analog- to-digital signal ) that can reach the amazing speed of 400 Gbps .

Despite being absurdly insane , this connection is not just unnecessary . It would serve perfectly for the guys Torrent make the party , but the truth is that IBM has developed her thinking of purposes that actually have such demand .

The main idea is that this chip ( several of them ) may serve to ensure the transmission of data from the Square Kilometre Array , a telescope system that will use more than 1 exabyte ( over 100 billion gigabytes ) of bandwidth daily. The ADC components are produced with the IBM 32 nm technology at a plant in East Fishkill , New York .