First leaked images of the iPhone 6 are even false

Just rotate the image and compare brands to find that she is an old rendering

Apple fans were excited about the supposed leaked iPhone 6 on Wednesday ( 12 ) images , released by an anonymous Twitter profile and website by Sonny Dickson , page credibility in spreading rumors . Still, no point to celebrate : new evidence indicates that the photos are actually false .

The slutty was discovered when someone compared the textures of finger marks and stains with the leaked photos of an iPhone 6 concept created by Martin Hajek , a designer who lives posting renderings for devices that have yet to be released.

Who let the photos was careful enough to reverse the marks , but it was not enough for the hoax was discovered : the texture used is the same , just put on another concept for a new look and a real device.

In the original news, warned that there was no way of proving that the leaked images were real , what really happened . Thus , the iPhone 6 is still a mystery, but stay tuned for more news on Technolsoft next smartphone from Apple.