Microsoft may launch free version of "Windows 8.1 with Bing"

Details of the new operating system were not clear, but it can compete with Chrome OS

According to sources connected to Microsoft who spoke with The Verge and ZDNet , the company is working on a simplified version of Windows 8.1 which should be free . There are indications that Bing will be the center of this operating system of some remains obscure to us . Other than that , there are reports that this version will be responsible for unifying the major Microsoft services , which should include tools such as OneDrive there , beyond the Bing search engine itself .

As you may already be wondering , a simplified operating system , extremely connected to a search engine and that should unify Microsoft services may actually be an attempt to stop the growth of Chrome OS , Google , which has a very similar proposal.
To maintain the customer base

There are reports that even this simplified and free version of Windows will be a cheap alternative to migration from old PCs with Windows XP and 7 for the new platform . Some time ago , there was already talk that Google was to simulate the operation of apps EXE , the Windows environment, its Chrome OS through cloud computing . With this and the impending end of support for Windows XP , would open a huge loophole for migration of former Microsoft customers to other companies' platforms .

Besides being free , this version of Windows 8.1 would be light enough to operate with low processing chips ARM architecture, which would make computers manufactured specifically for that much cheaper than current x86 and x64 OS . It is believed , therefore, that the " Windows 8.1 with Bing " , as it is called , will also be provided directly to manufacturers of PCs

As rumors about it are still quite preliminary, we can not calculate a prediction for the arrival on the market of this new OS . Anyway , there are reports that the company plans to launch a " major upgrade " of Windows 8.1 on April 8th , the same day that Windows XP will see the end of their support . Coincidence ? Some say that something very interesting is to come on that date emblematic.