Rumor: Microsoft may bring Android apps to Windows Phone

If the rumors are confirmed, migration should only occur after the release of Windows 9, which is expected for the year 2015


It seems that Windows Phone may receive a range of new applications coming directly from Android in about a year . Windows Phone has faced some difficulties in relation to the amount of apps available in the Windows Store compared to its main rivals, iOS and Android - but this obstacle may be near the end .

Rumors reached the site The Verge , which reported that Windows Phone may receive applications originating from Android to increase its own stock apps . Android has grown exponentially in number of users and devices marketed - including a model from Nokia with Android is to be announced during the MCW 2014 as we reported here already .

If the rumors are confirmed and Android apps are really adapted to Windows Phone , this may become the OS of Microsoft much more appealing to the general public . Of course, if we consider that migrations occur apps successful and without bugs , which is one of the major points of the question .
A full Windows Phone apps for Android

Rumors also indicate that some of these applications can be adapted to Windows 8 itself. While some believe that Windows Phone can reach the end if this really happen , others seem to think that such action will only improve the mobile platform from Microsoft. In a way , Android is already equivalent to Windows , because one is more common in the mobile field and the other is dominant in the field of computers .

The great thing is that this migration process is not so simple , since the apps should be designed to work correctly in both Android and Windows Phone. Intel is already forcing their manufacturers to follow the concept Dual OS , allowing you to create a compatible Windows Phone and Android hardware simultaneously .
There is much to consider

However , many issues must be taken into consideration , as the native Windows Phone developers who may lose interest in the OS , just wishing porting apps from Android - which may end up with specific Microsoft applications. Therefore, experts believe that such action can be shot in the foot , since Microsoft has done everything to attract developers to the Windows Phone and expand the smartphone market .

Like the Nokia devices have a consistent hardware and cameras are among the most potent of the current market , a wider range of apps surely draw more attention of people for this type of device. According to rumors , the rumor actually become reality will not be before Windows 9 be ready - something that probably only occur in 2015 .