Apple Maps skiers residence for women guide, which is crazy

Application insists route that is leaving resident of Pennsylvania crazy

The Apple Maps famous by the event that led to death traps tourists in a non- populated area of Australia . Also we acknowledge the unusual situation in which drivers were taken to airport runways . But perhaps none of these cases to compare with the frustration that Judy Saltsburg , a resident of Pennsylvania , has passed . That's because skiers often have " rung " of the resident by mistake .

It turns out that Apple Maps application , such as Google Maps, uses satellites ( and internet ) to determine the route between the origin and destination of a path, has guided skiers residence of Judy . She constantly need to leave your property and explain to athletes that there is an error in the application , which insists that the best route to get to the ski area is through the spot which is the residence of the resident .

Judy has been forced to disperse skiers of his garage about six months here , during which coincidentally marks the launch of Apple's application in more remote locations . Skiers keep coming to the property capita , although the road leading to her house is properly signed and signs to a dead end.
Warnings have no effect

Judy had placed several notices and signs warning skiers not to approach , including a sign that says : " Due to the increasing price of ammo [ weapons ] , do not expect a warning shot ."

Interestingly, no notice seems to have been effective . The skiers were fully convinced that Apple Maps is giving you the most accurate information possible about the route to be followed and therefore would be refusing to believe the woman when she tells them that your home is not a " ski accommodation " . The resident also reportedly said that he tried to contact Apple about the bug, but apparently the company still needs to fix the fault.

" I have had three [ visits ] in less than 24 hours," Judy recently told a local TV station , the WGAL . "The biggest Their argument is that ' my application says that this is the way to Roundtop [ local ski ] ."

Tense , no?