Founder of WhatsApp explains general failure on the last Saturday

Jam Koum states that the problem started on a router control, generating cascading effect on company servers

If you use WhatsApp , must have realized that on Saturday the system of sending and receiving messages was completely unstable - eventually being completely unavailable for several moments . Despite the jokes that circulated the Internet during the day , the problem had no connection with the purchase of the service by Facebook .

Jam Koum , CEO and founder of WhatsApp sent an email to The Verge site explaining all the details of the fall of service. He said the blackout was the largest and longest of all time , having affected all users of the service , with virtually no exceptions . And the whole problem originated in a network router .

This router would have caused a failure cascade in the WhatsApp network systems , directly affecting the servers . Koum not informed what the cause of this failure on the router , but ensures that it does not have relationships with advertising that WhatsApp was after the announcement of the acquisition , which rocked the market last week - and that could have caused overloading the servers.

To prevent further failures of this type happen , Koum claims that WhatsApp is taking steps to protect servers from possible general failures in the future. According to the Koum himself says , the service engineers are making sure that this will not happen again .