More images of Sirius Xperia leak, now with versions in black and white

Device was compared to current smartphones from Sony


The Sony Xperia Sirius D6503 has been shown in several pictures , including videos , but new photos of the device keep coming . In today's leak , it gives the air of grace in two colors , a model in black and one in white, still having the size of housing compared to the Xperia Z and Z1 , which is higher than the two current models of the brand .

In the picture , you can check that Sirius or Z2 is actually larger than their predecessors . This should be a result of the larger screen that can measure 5.2 '' compared with the screens 5'' Z and Z1 .

Further details about the device were not disclosed in this opportunity . Still, a website selling Japanese spare parts aired an ad for the sale of the back cover of the Xperia D6503 , calling the device Xperia Z2 .

It is believed that Sony presents this new smartphone on the 24th of February at their conference at MWC and start selling the device in April . The rumors so far , indicate the presence of a 800 Snapdragon quad -core , 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage processor. The camera can be a 20.7 MP and Android 4.4.2 OS should be .

Check out the pictures of the back cover sold by Japanese Store and the comparison between white and black model on the new device.