Keyboard with 350 keys you want to transform in Photoshop wizard

The Shortcut-S aims to make life easier for image editors, eliminating the need for shortcuts, creating keys for all functions of Photoshop


There are many interesting projects on Kickstarter , with some campaigns that come out of nowhere and surprise some people . An example is the S - Shortcut , a keyboard designed especially for image editors that use Photoshop .

The idea is to make life easier for designers and other professionals who use Adobe tool everyday. Instead of conventional keyboard shortcuts , the Shortcut - S has a specific key for each application function .

Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and later , the creators of the peripheral reported that achieving necessary to manufacture the Shortcut S - value , should create graphical alternatives for other applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Premiere , Adobe Illustrator , Final Cut , Lightroom , among others.

The object has 319 keys and a unique design that is beyond the current peripheral . If you want to write , you need to connect a regular keyboard to Shortcut - S .

The goal set by the creators of the peripheral is U.S. $ 185,280 ( approximately R $ 445,780 ) , with the first units of the keyboard being sent to people who invest more than $ 89 on the project .

Missing 48 days to terminate the period of the campaign , the Shortcut S - 've got to have U.S. $ 11,532 funded by the public. To take a look at the project and perhaps invest in it , click here .