iPhone 6: Possible images show [updated] significant changes

Images leaked a few moments show supposedly thinner and with screens of 4.7 inches and 5.7 unit


[ Update 02/13/2014 ]

Apparently , the leaked image are even false . An investigation in image form reveals that the spots in photos are the same as an applied in a conceptual rendering texture. That is, until the job was well done , but it's fake .
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It is unclear when Apple will announce the next iPhone to consumers , but it seems the first lines of the handsets are already circulating in the hands of manufacturers . Images leaked a few moments show the visual supposed iPhone 6 .

Apparently the product is thinner than current models , recalling the very back of the iPod Touch in alum ; onset . Moreover , the images imply an increase in the size of the smartphone screen , which can reach 4.7 inches or 5.7 inches , according to previous rumors abound .
Almost nonexistent edges

In the new images , a new design is evident in the product , with almost nonexistent edges on each side . To accommodate a larger screen , the button was compressed at the bottom. The volume buttons won a bar shape to follow the decrease in thickness . The front camera would be centralized to probably give more space to display.

Obviously, there is no way to confirm whether the images revealed in tonight are really the new iPhone - could be a new iPod or even a new product of the company. However, the images came from a profile known among those who follow the industry rumors, and that was also responsible for the first leaked images of the iPhone 5C and iPad Mini with Retina Display