How to Add Facebook Comments System in Blogger

Facebook has a system very good reviews , allowing you to post unlimited comments, and even get links to them , as all comments will also be integrated into the social network . In addition to this advantage the system offers an additional option to Blogger , which is offering the option to comment using your Facebook account . The placement of the system is very simple just follow the tutorial below.

Creating a Facebook application
The first step is to obtain an application ID so that comments can function in this here blog post I explained how to do this , just follow the tutorial , remember to note the end of " Application ID " .
I - Creating the comment box
1 - Visit our Facebook development this link
2 - Do not fill in the " Unique ID " box.
3 - "Number of Comments " enter how many comments you want to view.
4 - Now in " widht " fill the width you want the comment box to appear . You can add a value and see example opposite , on the same page .
5 - Now click on " Get code " and copy the code in the box obtained .
II - Changing the code obtained
The code which is in English , so if we install this way the language of the comment box this will be by default , to change just change the code from above "en_US " to " en_US " . Now in " APP_ID " also in the code, change the number of " Application ID " , from above .
III - Installing on Blogger
1 - Log in to Blogger ( ) .
2 - Go Layout/Design- > Edit HTML - > Check " Expand Widget Templates " box.
3 - Look for the following code , using the " CTRL " " F " keys :
To make your comments appear below the Facebook post look this code :


If you want your comments appear above comments from the Blogger system, look for this:

<b:includable id='comments' var='post'>
4 - Add the code.

5 - Save and preview.