How to Remove Templateism's Credit Links.

The credits are one way that the author of the template has to publish their work. But in the case of these Blogger templates were never mandatory, what happened is that in the new special section was created for the credits, is more can be removed with some CSS tricks, or directly in the HTML blog, today I will teach how to make the two modes.


1 - The first step is to always access the Blogger dashboard (

2 - After accessing Design-> Edit HTML

3 - Look for the block responsible for the CSS template, just look for the following code snippet:

Then add before the above code as follows:

height : 0;
visibility : hidden;
display : none;
4 - Save changes and view. Now look at the next step only if you want to permanently remove the credits from your blog.

5 - Look for the following words and remove it:

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'/>
Save your changes, then click "Delete Widgets".