Lenovo says that Motorola will recover in a few months

CEO Yang Yuanqing believes the company will return to fight at least two years


The extensive patent portfolio was not enough to save Motorola . Under the responsibility of Google , launches smartphones Moto Moto X and G have not been sufficient to put the company back into the fray . However , for Lenovo , it does not seem to be a problem.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said with confidence that "in some quarters Motorola will be back to the market ." " I am confident from the first day we closed the deal that we will quickly contribute to the sustainable development and growth of Motorola ," he said .
Why buy Motorola ?

In a presentation text released to the press , Lenovo revealed what were the reasons which led it to acquire Motorola . The company intends to reintroduce the Motorola brand in China and also expand the portfolio of smartphones in markets where it already operates.

This does not mean that the company going to leave aside the smartphone market "premium " , but she also wishes to fight with intermediate and low cost devices . For this, the focus should be emerging markets , with more innovative products .

Acting on a global scale , Lenovo aims to reduce the costs of production and distribution of Motorola products , integrating them to your portfolio . The company's goal , at least at first , is to establish itself in the market as the third largest handset maker in the world.