Blind Test: to what extent the resolution makes a difference in a cell?

We went to the streets to check closely the views of consumers and the result was surprising

Do you consider the screen resolution an important item on a smartphone ? The industry think your answer to this question is yes , and because of that , bet this technical feature as a major disclosure items of equipment .

At CES 2014 , for example , saw the trend of TV screens with resolutions 4K and even 8K , plus smartphones whose displays can display images up to 2K . Although most of the public take into account the final resolution of the screen before buying a new handset , does everyone can easily recognize how their true quality ?

To solve this question the Technolsoft took to the streets to talk directly with the public . The result of this experience is what you can see in this article .
What have we done ?

First chosen four smartphones depending on your screen resolution . For performing a blind test , we developed a five-minute video showing various pictures . A copy of this video was posted on the following phones:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 : screen resolution of 720x1080 pixels , pixel density of 306 ppi .
    Apple iPhone 5S : screen resolution of 640x1136 pixels , pixel density of 326 ppi .
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini : screen resolution of 540x960 pixels , pixel density of 256 ppi .
    One HTC : screen resolution of 1080x1920 pixels , pixel density of 469 ppi .

We cover all the information that could influence consumers in their choice , as the format of the device , manufacturer's name and even the operating system . As you can see in the picture above , just let the screens of the devices showing looping video . Brightness settings were adjusted maximum in all smartphones .

Because of the size difference between the screens, use the pixel density as a technical parameter. Therefore, the greater the density of pixels, at least in theory, the better the screen resolution of a smartphone. Thus, the correct ordering should be identified would be as follows: One HTC (469 ppi), iPhone 5S (326 ppi), Samsung Galaxy S3 (306 ppi) and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (256 ppi).

Technolsoft the streets

With all this preparation, we went to the streets to ask the public: which of these phones do you think has the best screen resolution? If you imagined that devices with higher resolution were identified easily, get ready for the surprise. In practice there was little doubt among the interviewees.

In the end , we interviewed 30 people . Most of them , 11 , chose the HTC One as the unit with better resolution - he was the only one among the four Full HD . However , 19 others have chosen one of the other three models as the one with better resolution . Remember that among them was a device with pixel density of just 256 ppi and he was cited as the best by 5 people .
Higher resolution

The final poll results looked like this:

    11 ( 36 % ) chose the HTC One ( Full HD - 469 dpi )
    9 ( 30 % ) chose the iPhone 5S ( 640x1136 - 326 dpi )
    5 (17%) chose S4 Flat ( 540x960 - 256 dpi)
    5 (17%) chose S3 (HD - 306 dpi)

When we asked the respondents to point the device with lower resolution had another surprise . Among the 30 survey respondents , 13 chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the screen with lower resolution . Only 5 showed the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini as the device with the resolution poorer picture . The HTC One , Full HD single list , was reported by 9 people as the weakest of the four .
Lower resolution

The final poll results looked like this:

    13 (43 %) chose S3 (HD - 306 dpi)
    9 ( 30 % ) chose the HTC One ( Full HD - 469 dpi )
    5 (17%) chose S4 Flat ( 540x960 - 256 dpi)
    3 ( 10 % ) chose the iPhone 5S ( 640x1136 - 326 dpi )

What lessons can we draw from this experience?

Obviously there is not a scientific character in the sample we did , but watch closely the perceptions of consumers about the quality of the display apparatus can lead us to some conclusions .

The first is : if you are thinking of buying a smartphone and the screen feels like an important item , not only keep an eye on the resolution. Find out what the pixel density of the product , that material is taken to screen and other technologies which are present for picture composition . In practice , it is possible to find a HD " better" than a Full HD screen if other items are not following the same quality level .

While industry targets the screen resolution to a differential sales - which proved to consumer opinion , because most of them think this important characteristic - in practice the situation is not so. When the screen resolution of HD passes , for example, the many differences almost cease to exist .

.....Now we want to know your opinion : do you consider the screen resolution a key feature on your smartphone ? Join leaving your opinion in the comments.