It's war! New API from Microsoft can be twice as good as Mantle

Platform that would be the "DirectX 12" can be presented during GDC 2014 in

The Mantle Technology from AMD , surprised when it was announced and after the first performance tests of plates containing the API . This means that the market received a boost , plus the declaration of war against the competitor, NVIDIA .

And the battle will be good : According to ExtremeTech , several sessions scheduled for the Game Developers Conference ( GDC ) 2014 in late March , will have as its theme an API for low level headed for Direct3D and OpenGL platforms , the two most affected by Mantle. Microsoft would be responsible for the development of technology .

Some time ago , the company said it was still committed to evolve DirectX standard, but did not say anything about a successor , who would be a " DirectX 12 " . Soon after , Mantle was launched in the market and eyes turned all AMD . But the description of the events of the GDC is encouraging. " You asked us better tools for you to squeeze every drop of performance from your computer , tablet , phone or console. Come to know our plans ," says the notice.
friendly rivals

Also according to the Extremetch , the recent interest in the field of Microsoft APIs result in a low tech twice as good as the Mantle. The project would use a different basis from AMD , but the goal is the same : to ensure lower heating and CPU and better graphics in the latest games available .

But AMD takes it all in the most friendly way possible. In an official statement , she stated that celebrates and supports a direction in the development of games with graphics facing the corporate vision .

The problem of such a project ? If the DirectX 12 platform exists and follow the Microsoft standard , it will be exclusive of the next version of Windows , which can be a major limitation .