President Obama's agenda this weekend: see Game of Thrones!

One of the advantages of being the "most powerful person in the world" is watching sitcoms before being released to the general public!


One of the perks of being the president of one of the most imposing nations of the world is able to receive the episodes of Game of Thrones before they even go to air on television . According to the New York Times , in a conversation during an event of state in France , last Tuesday ( 11 ) , the political leader of the United States would have approached the chief executive of HBO , Richard Plepler , requesting the submission of new episodes Game of Thrones and other rookie series this year in the channel , True Detective .

" Where are my True Detective and Game of Thrones ? " , Would ask Obama to HBO executive , adding that the next weekend would be a good time to have the episodes at hand.

Apparently , the U.S. president will see the expected episodes of the fourth season of HBO's epic before us, we have to wait until April 6 to give the new footage , coming to Brazil and the United States in the same day.

According to the newspaper , the president , after this conversation , would still have pointed to one of his assistants to the executive of the channel knew whom to send the DVDs with new episodes of the series requested .

With the news , we have , for good measure, we have a hint of good series coming straight from the White House : True Detective brings Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two detectives hunting a serial killer who has been active since 1995. The plot deals with multiple deployments in times of different narrative while exploring various flashbacks . The series premiered in January in Brazil and the United States , and here , going to midnight at the turn of Sunday to Monday on HBO and HBO HD .