Android: 5 browsers that do not leave traces

A list of little known applications that can ensure private browsing

Smartphones are generally products geared to a single user , but not always the owner can have the privacy you want .

Sometimes , to lend your phone to someone , your data is exposed . Considering this issue , some developers have created special browsers that prevent snoopers see your history.

Some famous browsers have options to let you anonymously , but there are some lesser-known applications that can do a little more for your privacy . We separated five free browsers for Android that bring unique resources for you to test and navigate quietly .

1. Download Jerky - Incognito browser 1.2.0

Betting on a neat design and advanced options for user safety , the Jerky is one of the listed browsers for those seeking privacy. This is one of the few programs that come with an option to not leave any trace of navigation on the phone ( it does not store cookies , history , passwords and other data ) .

Besides this advantage , the program includes a safety lock system . Basically , this feature is so that eavesdroppers can not use the application in any way. Every time the software is opened (either first or accessing the apps menu opened recently) , he asks the owner password - a unique code to the browser .

The Jerky is compatible with the latest web standards and can use Adobe Flash technology ( Android 4.2 and earlier only ) . In our tests , the program used about 80 MB of RAM with only an open site . The privacy functions are exemplary !

2 . Download Shady Browser ★ Incognito Mode

Like Jerky , this browser also has privacy as main goal , bringing a security code to block third party app . A major advantage is that the program is not shown in the list of recently used apps , something that prevents your friends discover you have browsed the web recently.

 The interface is not as elegant as the Jerky , but the charm of Shady Browser is navigation in full screen . The notification bar system and the navigation within the browser are hidden by default . When the user wants to enter a new address or access any options, just click on the bubble in the lower right corner.

The Shady Browser has several options that guarantee anonymity on the web . By unchecking the boxes inside the privacy settings of your browser to save passwords , cookies and other data . It's amazing that the same with so many choices , the program uses only 50 MB of RAM . Unfortunately , the lock only works with default on first boot .

3 . Download InBrowser - Incognito Browsing 2.01

Despite not having as many options as the privacy and Shady Jerky , the InBrowser application ensures the safety of the user to delete all navigation data when the session ends. The application also prevents other people know that the person recently sailed not appear in the list of recent apps .

This software is also compatible with navigation in full screen and you can use Google's SafeSearch by default. Compatible with many plugins (including Adobe Flash), the program showed speed in navigation. By maintaining a web page open, the InBrowser consumes only 60 MB of RAM.
4. Downloader & Private Browser 1.9.7

Changing some function, Downloader & Private Browser aims to offer privacy and ease in downloading. On the issue of security of user data, the app has a series of buttons that ensure the elimination of data quickly. Moreover, it has a security lock scheme, which works in any session.

Settings downloads are welcome, but not help at all on the issue of privacy. A limitation of the program is the inability to capture screenshots, but the worst problem is the advertisements that appear everywhere, and some are full-screen, which makes navigation very annoying. The app takes up 70MB of RAM when a single site is loaded.
Finalizing our list, we have a browser that serves both to make browsing safer as to divert data traffic via proxy. The orweb lacks password to lock the application, but it has a button that facilitates the elimination of temporary data. 

 If you do not want to use this setting, you can enable an option that erases history during navigation. Despite good intentions, the orweb presented several errors in loading pages not displaying a series of pictures on the websites. To load only one page, the program used 70 MB of RAM.
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As you can see, there are a number of good options in more secure and anonymous browsers. Maybe not all meet your needs, but either one might do nicely to prevent eavesdroppers know where you're walking. You already use one of these programs? Has another tip for other users?